10 Low-Impact Cardio Workout Ideas

You can grab a resistance band or hop in the pool.

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Low-impact cardio workouts you can try for a good but gentle sweat.


Just because you want a low-impact workout doesn’t mean you have to remove cardio from the equation. According to trainer Macy Pruett, there are plenty of ways to get your heart rate up and improve cardio endurance without running or jumping. Here are a few routines to try.

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Dumbbell Workout

Pruett says this dumbbell routine is guaranteed to make you sweat — move through it as quickly as you can.

- Push-up, 1x.

- Mountain climbers, 4x.

- Romanian deadlift kick through, each leg 1x.

- Dumbbell skier swings, 40 seconds.

- Repeat 3x.