9 Outdoor Workout Ideas To Try This Summer

Go outside!

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Outdoor workout and exercise ideas.


Tired of being stuck in the gym? Then take to the great outdoors. Exercising outside reduces stress, gives you extra vitamin D, and improves your mental well-being, says Pilates trainer Laura Wilson. It’s a nice change of a scenery — literally — so here are a few ideas.


Pilates In The Park

Since it requires minimal equipment, Wilson says it’s easy to take your Pilates routine outside. Simply roll out a mat and do a series of leg taps, planks, and side bends with leg lifts to target all your muscles.


Go For A Walk

“Walking is underrated,” says trainer Matt Morris. It’s low-impact, great cardio, and it trains your leg muscles, especially if you speed stroll. Suit up with comfy shoes and a bottle of water, and see where your feet take you.


Try Calisthenics

Calisthenics are an anytime-anywhere way to workout, says trainer Marshall Weber. Find a spot outside — or utilize outdoor gym equipment — to do push-ups, tricep dips, lunges, pull-ups, crunches, and speed skaters. The possibilities are endless.


Do Yoga

Try yoga on the beach, in a park, in your backyard — or maybe on a mountain top? — and you’ll get all the physical benefits of stretching while nature works to calm your nerves, improve your focus, and stimulate feel-good hormones, says yoga teacher Meera Watts.


Swim Laps

Hop into a pool and you’ll be able to workout longer without worrying about overheating in the summer, says trainer Rob Magrino. As an added bonus, swimming takes the pressure off your joints and allows you to work muscles that may be tougher to reach on land.


Ride A Bike

For a great workout, find a hill and ride your bike up it as fast as you can 10 times, suggests trainer Garret Seacat. “Don't want to stay in the same spot for the entire ride? Do some all-out sprint efforts on the bike for a minute 10 times anywhere!”


Run It Out

Seacat also recommends taking your run outside, especially if you’re feeling bored with your usual jog on a treadmill. Seeing the sights and feeling the wind in your hair will be refreshing, he says, and it’ll also distract from the “hurt” of your workout.


Set Up A HIIT Circuit

“A fun way to workout outdoors is to set up a HIIT circuit in a park or on the beach,” says trainer Tyler Read. Set up stations and do sprints, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks. Invite friends to have fun and to keep each other accountable.


Play A Sport

When in doubt, try a new sport! Whether you whack a tennis ball, shoot some hoops, organize a soccer game, attempt to surf, or bump a volleyball over a net, you’re guaranteed to get a great workout — all while taking in the fresh air.

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