17 Fitness Products Perfect For Your Outdoor Summer Workouts

From a weighted hula hoop to smart goggles.

Get your sweat on in the sun with these game-changing outdoor fitness equipment products.
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With summer just around the corner, it’s time to head back into the great outdoors — fitness routine included. And if a jog around the block isn’t the al fresco activity for you, no sweat: There’s plenty of fitness equipment for outdoor workouts that can help you get your sweat on in mother nature, whatever your preferred exercise may be.

If you’re already a regular open-air exerciser, you’re not alone — many gyms and fitness studios moved their workouts outside during the pandemic. But even as COVID cases decline in the U.S., outdoor workouts still have much to offer. For one, it’s a welcome way to get out of the house after more than a year of staying cooped up indoors. Science also shows that outdoor activity can benefit your mental and physical health. A 2013 study found that exercising outdoors increased people’s activity levels while also lowering their perceived exertion and reducing stress. And 2010 research published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology found that even short periods of exercising in nature can boost self-esteem and mood better than indoor activity.

Sound too good to pass up? Whether you want to swim, bike, strength train, or something else entirely, these outdoor fitness equipment buys have got you covered for your sweat sesh. Below, browse 17 pieces that will take your summer workouts to the next level.

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Comfy Open Earbuds

Jam out safely on your run, hike, or bike ride with the Bose Sport Open Earbuds. These wireless headphones sit just above your ear canal so you can listen to your music while also staying aware of your surroundings, traffic, your training buddy, or the sounds of nature — so you get the best of both worlds.


This Vegan Battle Rope

Take your HIIT sessions outside with this new launch from environmentally-conscious sports gear company Sanabul. Made of vegan-friendly and weather-resistant materials, this battle rope is the perfect tool for full-body strength training workouts in your outdoor gym.


Smart Swimming Goggles

Yes, smart goggles exist: These by FINIS show you your swim metrics in real-time, which means you can see your lap count and splits mid-breaststroke. And once you’re out of the pool, the accompanying app provides an in-depth breakdown of your workout and a training analysis to help you slay your goals next time you hit the water.


A Weighted Jump Rope

Love cardio but don’t feel like running? Grab a jump rope like this one, made even more challenging with its in-handle adjustable weights. If you’re not into the heavy grips, you can simply remove the weights and skip rope the old-fashioned way — either way, you’re bound to sweat.


This Smart Sweat Patch

Gatorade’s Gx Sweat Patch sticks to your forearm and collects your sweat as you work out to provide live insights about your hydration game, including your sweat rate, fluid loss, and sodium levels, which you can track via a smartphone app. Basically, you can track your sweat patterns and water intake for more optimized workouts in the summer heat.


Swim Cap For Natural Hair

Protect your natural hair from harsh chlorine or the elements with Soul Cap swim caps, designed specifically for voluminous hair of all textures and styles. Pick your favorite color and size to get your swim on without doing damage to your beautiful tresses.


A Hydration-Tracking Water Bottle

If your hydration game isn’t exactly on-point, snag smart water bottle like this one from HidrateSpark. The insulated stainless steel glows to remind you when it’s time to sip, and Bluetooth syncs with a smartphone app to track your hydration patterns and send alerts for when to fill up — so you won’t go thirsty.


A Spring-Powered Balance Board

It may look simple, but incorporating something like the StrongBoard Balance tool can level up your resistance training. Essentially, you the board is perched atop supportive springs that test your balancing skills as you either stand on it or do exercises, helping you build strength and stability all at once. Add the full-size board to your outdoor gym or opt for the mini version to take on the go for workouts in the park.


A Minimalist Fitness Tracker

Track your runs, swims, rides, and other activities with Fitbit’s newest drop: a waterproof wearable that’s smaller than its predecessors. The Luxe doesn’t just monitor your workout, BTW — the device also tracks your stress levels (and provides guided breathing exercises to bring them down!), sleep, menstrual cycle, and more.


This Sand- And Water-Filled Kettlebell

A kettlebell is a staple piece of fitness equipment for a sweat training regimen, and this portable one is perfect for taking to the beach. Simply fill up the dry bag with sand or water to the desired weight marker, then slay your workout while enjoying the fresh air.


This Protective Swim Cap

Whether you’re hitting the waves, swimming laps, or sweating it out in the humidity, this swim cap will keep your hair protected from the outdoor elements. Bonus points for coming in various sizes, and for staying in place — even when you’re practicing your butterfly stroke.


A Trendy Rash Guard

If ocean activity is your summer sport of choice, dress the part with this chic rash guard from Halle Berry’s Sweaty Betty collection. The breathable, quick-drying fabric will keep you protected from sun and surf as you wile the day away in the waves.


Portable Suspension Bands

The TRX suspension trainer is basically a full gym in one piece of equipment. Just loop it around a tree or pole for an outdoor strength training session and let bodyweight and gravity work all the muscles in your body as you sweat with a view.


A Travel Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is a must. And, since there’s really nothing more Zen than the sounds of nature, this portable (and stylish) option is the perfect buy for yogis on the go. Also key? Its cushion-y padding for extra support.


A Weighted Hula Hoop

#Weightedhulahoop is currently trending on TikTok with more than 172 million views, which means this classic outdoor activity has made a serious comeback. If you need exercise inspo, there’s no shortage of options on the video platform.


An Outdoor Ice Bath

For a hardcore recovery sesh, jump into an ice bath. Just add some ice, sit down in the barrel, and voilà — let the cold water work its magic to soothe sore muscles. Or you can use it just to cool down on those extra-hot summer days.


Durable Resistance Bands

All you need to level up a strength training sesh is a pair of resistance bands like these. They’re ultra-sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally snapping them in half mid-leg circles.

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