19 Text Messages To Send Someone You Miss

“A simple text makes people feel important and not taken for granted.”

what to text someone you miss.
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After a year of Zoom happy hours and FaceTime first dates, you’re probably a pro at getting personal over the phone. Still, if you’re looking for the perfect text to send when you miss someone, it can help to have some inspiration. Whether your bestie moved back home or your partner’s on a long business trip, missing someone can feel super lonely. And if you’ve never been one for words or don’t want to be too cheesy, knowing the right way to express your feelings in a text can be intimating.

Yet Claudia Cox, relationship coach and text expert, says that if you’re missing someone, you don’t have to overthink it. “A simple text makes people feel important and not taken for granted,” Cox tells Bustle. “It decreases drama and instills a sense of security in the relationship.”

While you may wonder why your sister hasn’t text you in a while or feel weird about reaching out to an old roommate you’ve lost touch with, Cox shares that making the first move can nip any negativity in the bud. If someone’s been on your mind, consider these 19 texts a sign that it’s time to reach out.

Thinking about you, hope you’re well.

Cox notes some people are more inclined to share their feelings than others. If you’re reaching out to someone who isn’t super sentimental or gushy, simply letting them know that you’re thinking about them can be a clear and concise way to reach out.

It’s been a minute! Would love to call soon.

While some people may love a spontaneous call or FacetTime, others may prefer the chance to schedule you in. Let them know you want to call, and see when they’re free to catch up.

Still have that hot sauce you got me in the fridge. I think about you every time I see it.

If the person you’re reaching out to isn’t one for verbal affirmations, try thanking them for a gift they got you or remembering a time they helped you with a problem. “Some people may have different ways of expressing their feelings through non-verbal or written means,” Cox says. “They express how they feel through physical gestures, thoughtful gifts, or services. Think love languages.”

“Africa” by Toto is playing in the Safeway. Wish you were here to jam with me.

Smells and sounds have a way of bringing back nostalgia like no other. Whether you hear your old favorite song in an Uber or smell the amazing Thai food from the place down the street, let them know something around you made you think of them.

Saw your promotion on IG, so proud of you! You deserve it!

In this day and age, lurking on someone's Instagram is expected. Whether they moved, tied the knot, or had another major life milestone, let them know you’re rooting for them.

*An old pic* This popped up on my phone today, I was shook.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Whether Facebook gives you a time capsule post or you just remember a funny Snap, sending an old pic is a sweet way to open up a conversation with someone you miss.

Not me crying in my car to “Someone Like You” on repeat.

A text that blends *internet humor* and sincerity can help you express your feelings while still feeling like yourself.

What should we do the next time we see each other? I’m thinking party bus.

While your yoga teacher may encourage you to live in the present, it’s OK to think about the future sometimes. Ask about what you should do the next time you see each other and make some fun plans you can both look forward to.

OK, every time I switch subway lines at City Hall I use that weird side staircase you showed me. Thank you for that, you were so kind when I moved here.

As Cox describes, some people are better at showing their feelings than talking about them. Think about something they’ve taught you or a lesson they’ve brought into your life.

Missing you today.

It’s the short and sweet for me. Rather than penning a super long message, just let them know you miss them. If you’re feeling extra, send an emoji you used to send each other.

OK, I know I’m cheesy, but I already miss you.

It’s easy to get caught up thinking about how someone else is going to respond. Yet, Cox urges, you don’t want your texts to be dependent on the other person. If you’re feeling sappy — let it out. You don’t have to play it cool, especially when you’re in your feelings.

I miss your head massages, I have the worst tension headache. Wish you were here!

Sharing that you miss something they’re really good at lets you know you’re thinking about them and remember all their good qualities.

When are you back in town again? I want to make rezzies at that fancy sushi place.

Asking the next time you’re going to see someone gives you both a timeline. Additionally, reaching out with something that you want to do shows that you’ve been thinking about them.

Hey, I know I’m not great at keeping in touch, but I care about you so much and I’m here for you always.

Reaching out to someone after a while can feel intimating. But just addressing the distance and expressing how you feel can help everyone get on the same page.

FaceTime date next week? Would love to catch up!

Rather than exchanging small talk texts for a while, simply asking for a FaceTime date or phone call lets you connect in real time.

No one makes me laugh like you do, thinking about that time in the Waffle House.

A compliment and a “Miss you” text together is a two-for-one special.

What is that thing you always order at Taco Bell? I have a craving and I’m totally blanking.

Asking for help or for the name of something is a great way to reach out to someone you’ve been missing. It allows them to give you a suggestion and opens the convo to talk about the last time you saw each other.

Tell me you miss me without telling me you miss me.

There’s nothing like a slightly outdated TikTok trend to make everyone laugh. A light-heart message says, “Hi, I miss you!” in a sweet but not overly sappy way.

I know you’re not one to get super gushy, but I think about you often and hope you are doing well.

If you’ve been meaning to reach out or have someone on your mind, reminding them that you care about them can make them feel connected. “Many people mistakenly assume their loved ones know they love them,” Cox says. “A simple text removes question marks and assures them.”


Claudia Cox, relationship coach and text expert