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7 Sex Positions That'll Warm You Up This Spring
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Now that spring is almost here, there's a good chance that you're feeling more frisky — I know I certainly am. I'm in the process of going from the feeling that the best sex position out there is whichever one means that I don't have to get out of my PJs or come out from under the blanket to feeling like I'm ready to take on the world. So it's a perfect time to start experimenting with some new sex positions, especially if you're in a long-term relationship and looking to switch things up.

"When we get to the comfortable, stable place of knowing we have 'secure' status with someone else, it's common to lose the playfulness that got you together in the first place," Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure, tells Bustle. And what better time than spring to rediscover some playfulness?

But even if you're single, you can have fun trying out some new things with a new partner. These intense positions give you what you want, but they're also personal, giving you the stimulation that you need. Whether you like to be in control or take more of a backseat, these positions have you covered. You can mix them up however you please.

So here are the best sex positions to try this spring, because it's time to come out of hibernation and have some fun:


Reverse Cowgirl

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How To Do It: Move slow, because this is one you want to get right. Straddle your partner facing their feet and lower down while you guide them inside you. Find what's comfortable, lean forward or back, try bouncing and grinding, until you find your sweet spot.

Why It's Perfect For Spring: If you're going to come out of hibernation, you might as well do it with a bang. It's a sexy position where you're in charge, so you can go for exactly what you need.



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How To Do It: While your partner stands at the end of the bed (or table, anything hip-height), rest your ankles up on their shoulder. Then arch your back while they lift your hips.

Why It's Perfect For Spring: The view is incredible and, when you get it right, the penetration is very deep. It's an unusual position that will also give you a lot of what you like.


Seated Backband

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How To Do It: Start in cowgirl but lean back as your partner sits up— you can use them as leverage to help lower yourself down onto their legs. It's tricky to get right the first time, but if you use lube it should help. And when you're there you can just relax into it.

Why It's Perfect For Spring: It's totally different and will push you out of your comfort zone, in a really sexy way. There's also plenty of opportunity for clit stimulation — not to mention a view you can both enjoy.



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How To Do It: Lay facing each other, but with your hips above your partner's. Wrap one leg over your partner's hip to pull yourself closer while you guide them inside of you. You may need lube, so don't worry if it takes you a few times.

Why It's Perfect For Spring: Though it seems obvious, it's a position that's often overlooked. In this position, you'll get intimacy, deep penetration, and something that feels different and exciting — so don't write it off.


From Behind

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How To Do It: While on all fours, have your partner kneel being you. Then take your favorite toy and decide if you or your partner should control it — either way, it'll do the trick.

Why It's Perfect For Spring: The vibrator makes sure that this position is really working for you, with intense G-spot and clitoral stimulation. You may as well go into spring making sure you're getting everything you need.


Coital Alignment Technique

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How To Do It: It's just like traditional missionary, but with your hips lower down — which allows more stimulation for you. Wrap your legs around your partner for an even closer fit.

Why It's Perfect For Spring: It's intimate, deep, and intense, and it's a great position for orgasm. What's not to love?


In A Chair

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How To Do It: While your partner sit in a chair, straddle them and lower down on them. Then you can take turns with who controls the thrusting and grinding — a little back and forth can be a lot of fun.

Why It's Perfect For Spring: I'm all about taking sex around the house — so learning to use other furniture really helps. It's exciting, but also personal, and it's a great way to get out of your shell.

It's time to embrace the new season, so don't be afraid to experiment. There are so many great sex positions out there and moving out of your comfort zone is the perfect way to find something new that you'll both love.