30 Things That'll Give You A Great Workout Without A Huge Amount Of Effort

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At home or on-the-go, workout gear has to be minimal and easy, or let's be real, it won't get used. Sure, we can all resolve to run for 45 minutes on a treadmill or suddenly find an interest in HIIT workouts. But when you can workout while watching a marathon of The Office? Well, that's a real win. This list has all the things you're looking for to have a great workout without a bunch of effort.

Honestly, I also need my weights and yoga mats to be cute enough to go with my decor, am I right? A kettlebell is fine and good, but a pastel pink ombre kettlebell is way, way better. For a more low-impact, but still aesthetic, workout tool there's a colorful and portable pilates kit and a yoga mat that comes in every color you could possibly want while still offering tons of plush padding.

There are also some tried-and-true couch potato workout staples here, including a pedal you can use while you work, a few items that work your core while you literally just sit, and some items that will shake up your everyday exercise routines without you having to Google a ton of complicated plans. So, start looking through these workout items because all of the things that will give you a seriously minimal effort workout.


The Foldable Pedal Exercise Machine That You Can Use While You Work

This mini foldable pedal machine is like a bike you can use on a tabletop, under a desk, or in front of your favorite chair, because unlike other pedal machines, this device can be used for your arms and legs. It’s complete with an LCD screen to track your RPMs and time used, adjustable resistance, and a foldable design so you can take this to the office and get your sweat on while you work.


A Pack Of 5 Resistance Bands That Have Over 72,000 Five-Star Reviews

This portable resistance band pack works for challenging and more relaxed days because it has five bands that range from extra-light to extra-heavy. The color-coordinated pack comes with a bag, so you can take these wherever you go, as this one five-star reviewer notes. “I love these! I wasn't expecting them to be so durable, but the extra heavy one is legitimately solid and I'm not afraid to do deep lunges or squats with these. I have a couple sitting next to my bed so I can get a couple extra reps in before I sleep, and they're so portable I bring them to the gym to have a variety of resistance exercises with me,” they raved.


A Chair Balance Disk That Works Your Core Without You Noticing

Place this inflatable balance disk on your chair for an everyday core strengthening workout. Despite building a stronger back and improving posture, this disc is also a super comfy and adjustable chair cushion. One reviewer raved that this disc truly is a workout you don’t notice: “It's kind of fun, you sit and wobble around a bit, feels pretty good on the butt. After the first hour of wiggle butt I got up to stretch and get some water, and my core was like wet spaghetti. You may not feel it, but you are getting a little muscle work out while you stare at your screen.”


A Super Unique Jump Rope That’s Cordless & Weighted

You won’t have to fumble with and untangle this unique weighted jump rope because it’s actually cordless. Don’t worry — the 8-ounce PVC weights on the end and stainless steel rotating bearings in the handles make it feel like a normal jump rope, so there’s very little learning curve. The handles are covered in a sweat-absorbing memory foam, reducing the strain on your hands and making this a comfortable option.


A Doorway Ankle Bar That Will Be Your New Workout Buddy

Don’t have a workout buddy to hold your ankles? No worries — just pop this steel ankle bar onto any door in your home, and you’ll have a secure spot for sit-ups. One reviewer even called it “your new workout partner.” The bar is padded for your comfort, can be adjusted to four different heights, and has a screw and clamp design that won’t budge. At just less than 2 pounds, it’s easy to put this in your gym or travel bag.


A Set Of Ankle Weights With Adjustable Inserts

Each of the five removable weights in this ankle weight set is filled with long-lasting iron pellets. Pop all five or just one in each ankle strap to personalize the weight and add intensity to your workout or your everyday walks. These adjustable velcro ankle weights come in black, gray, pink, blue, or purple, and the material is cushiony yet breathable and absorbent.


An On-The-Go Arm Gadget That Has A Book Of 10-Minute Workouts

Built to be carried around, this lightweight arm gadget only weighs 1 pound. It comes with a program booklet for working out your upper arms and chest in just 10 minutes. Even though it's compact and portable enough to take with you, it boasts 18 pounds of resistance. One reviewer raved: "Out of the box it is not cheap and flimsy by any means. It has some weight to it, but it's not heavy, it's solid and well made. There are four exercises with this and some warmups and relaxation exercises for before and after. Ten minutes, boom and you’re done for the day. This thing really kicks butt! On my first day of using it, it had my arms literally shaking with each exercise and the next day I felt it. This is a great piece of equipment and well worth it. It's definitely made to last.”


Fun & Illustrated Workout Cards To Mix Up Your Workout

If you’re not sure how to use some of your new exercise equipment or are sick of the same ol’ motions, try this creative deck of illustrated workout cards. There are 11 different packs of 50 to pairs to use with different items, including resistance bands, medicine balls, foam rollers, and more. There’s even a pilates set you can use with no equipment at all. They’re jumbo-size, so you can place them on the ground and still see them, and each deck comes with a customizable blank card.


A Wrist Strengthener That’s Easy To Toss In Your Bag

Move the padded stabilizer bar in the center of this wrist and forearm strengthener to add more resistance or take it down a notch. The curved bar that rests on your forearm is extra-cushioned, so it’s gentle on your arm while improving the power of your wrist. This strengthener is totally compact and weighs less than 1/4 pound, so pack it in your bag, and work out wherever.


A Burst Resistant Exercise Ball Kit With 25,000 Five-Star Reviews

This exercise ball kit has a sturdy design thanks to its anti-burst, anti-slip PVC material covered. Basically — bounce around or swap this for your desk chair to help build your core, leg, and back muscles without worrying about holes or falling. It comes in 11 colors, holds up to 600 pounds, and the kit includes a pump, which is why this fan-favorite equipment has over 25,000


An Extra-Wide Ab Roller That Has Over 10,000 Five-Star Reviews

This workout roller is extra-wide and coated in rubber, which means it’s quiet, sturdy, and stable. It’s reinforced with steel handles that can hold up to 440 pounds, but it’s covered in a rubber cotton material that makes it comfortable to use. This set comes with a knee mat, so it’s ready to use right out of the box, which is what helped this tool get over 10,500 five-star ratings on Amazon.


A Portable Workout Hoop That’s Padded And Smooth

Unlike other hoops, this extra-padded workout hoop has smooth sections that lock in place and can be taken apart with easy-to-see release buttons, making this a comfortable and portable option. This is available in 2- and 3-pound weight options for a challenging yet fun workout.


These Best-Selling Workout Sliders That Even Work On Carpet

These low-profile workout sliders are made of plastic with a foam bottom that slides across hardwood, gym floors, tile, and even carpet. They're double-sided and lightweight, so you can use them with your feet or your hands with most exercises. The best-selling pack includes two 7-inch discs and are available in black, green, pink, purple, or yellow.


A Padded Arm & Thigh Tool That You Can Use While Watching Netflix

This classic exercise tool is coated in comfy foam padding that comes in seven colors including purple, teal, and pink. Inside, there are durable steel springs that are bendable and super useful for working your thighs, arms, or chest, which you can do while sitting on the couch and watching your fav TV show.


This Anti-Tear Yoga Mat With 25,000 Five-Star Reviews

This 68-inch anti-tear yoga mat has over 25,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. Why? This perfectly padded, moisture-resistant mat comes with a carrying strap and is slip-resistant on both sides. One reviewer raved, “My first impression was that I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and thickness of this mat. I am 5’6” and have no problem at all doing everything I need to on the mat with plenty of space. I don’t slide on the mat, and it cleans so easily. It looks the same as the day I got it and I’ve used the mat every day.”


A Textured Balance Board That Has So Many Uses

Complete with well-placed handles, this non-slip balance board is ready to be carried with you, and the handles won’t interfere with your workout, whether you choose to stand on it, sit on it, use it for push-ups, or use it as an aerobic step. It rotates 360 degrees, can tilt up to 15 degrees, and weighs less than 4 pounds.


A Resistance Band With A Designated Nonslip Spot For Your Feet

This resistance band can be stretched up to 8 feet, and it has a non-slip textured spot for your feet. The stainless steel handles also have a textured coating for grip to help you get a good hold of it. Use this to work your arms, abs, hips, or legs wherever you may be — this resistance band is portable enough to travel with.


This Ombre Kettlebell With Stackable & Adjustable Weights

If you don’t have a home gym, this pastel pink kettlebell is cute enough not to ruin the vibe of your living room. It has a stacked design that’s adjustable to 5, 8, 9, or 12 pounds, locks in place, and has an adorable ombre look. You can even use the removable weights for twisting exercises. One reviewer raved: “This kettle ball is really amazing! I love that you can change out the weights and it’s all just one. Keeps things tidy around the house and still provides me with options. It’s nice to have a kettle ball at home just to provide average weights in between gym sessions.”


A Lightweight Pilates Ring That Comes With An Instructional Poster

This classic pilates ring comes in blue, orange, or black, and it's packaged with a bag so you can take this with you to work and discreetly work your thighs while typing away. The 14-inch ring is made of fiberglass, so it's lighter than most, and has nonstick pads on the inside and outside of the ring. One reviewer raved: “I work for the OR but I sit at a desk 85% of the time so this is a great way to break the monotony and get a little exercise in. I also do the beginner work out at home every other day and can already notice a difference in less than a week.”


These Rubber Dumbbells With Adjustable Weight Attachments

The ends of these compact dumbbells are removable, so you can use it at 2.2, 3.3, and 4.4-pound weights. They come in pastel green or blue and have a thick anti-slip design that’s easy to hold in your hand. They’re so durable, they even passed a five-foot drop test.


A Pink Pilates Bar Kit That Is Easy To Take Apart And Travel With

This compact pilates bar kit comes with a sweat-absorbing foam-coated bar, bands, and a rally pull rope that can act as resistance bands, a rowing machine, and tension rod. The sturdy steel bar separates into two pieces for travel, so you can easily bring this with you to the gym. Plus, the pull rope is covered in a pink camo print fabric to protect the elastic, so you don’t have to worry about it snapping.


A Set Of Jumbo Foam Yoga Dice With 36 Different Poses

These jumbo workout dice have 12 yoga poses on each foam dice, and come in a kit that includes beginner (aqua), intermediate (pink), and expert, (purple) poses, so you can use this whether you’re a novice or experiences yogi. They come with a convenient mesh bag, and an illustrated manual to help you get your workout on no matter where you may be. This kit also comes in a cardio dice option if yoga isn't your workout of choice.


A Door Anchor Strap & Resistance Band Set That You Can Use Anywhere

Strap this anchor strap to any door that’s tall enough, and you’ll be ready for your workout without buying any other equipment. Unlike other door anchors, this one has five rings, so you can attach your resistance bands at various heights to do different exercises. This kit comes with everything you need, including a door strap (which holds 200 pounds, by the way), five resistance bands, two ankle straps, two durable handles, and a carrying bag.


A Foldable Trampoline That Will Unleash Your Inner Child

This foldable trampoline is an easy portable cardio trainer that’s complete with a protective cover. It’s waterproof, and it has a sturdy removable bar with foam padding to give you extra balance. Many reviewers note this is a game-changer for kiddos who need to burn off a little extra energy, and adults can tap into their inner child and bounce on this while watching a marathon on Netflix.


A Set Of Soft & Colorful Hand Weights With 45,000 Five-Star Reviews

These best-selling hand weights have over 54,000 reviews on Amazon, and a 4.8-star rating overall. This compact and colorful set of neoprene dumbbells keeps everything organized with the slim vertical stand. Each dumbbell is color-coded and has a non-slip grip, and you can choose from 10 different sets with varying weights and pack sizes.


A Maximum Support Arch To Make Ab Workouts More Comfortable

This non-slip PVC leather coated arch mat is a super handy sit-up tool that’s under $30. It comes in two support options, one with an extra pad that folds out and one without, and each one is made of high-density foam which makes crunches and planks more comfortable.


A 2-Pack Of Carbon Steel Hand Strengtheners With Added Grip

These carbon steel hand strengtheners have comfy foam handles with grippy spots for your fingers. They come in a two-pack and can even help with exercising your fingers, palms, and wrists. One reviewer praised these, writing: “Excellent product for the price. I use at every workout. Totally see a difference in grip strength and forearm strength.”


A Lightweight Core Workout Tool With Comfy Built-In Support

Pop this lightweight workout tool on the floor (or a yoga mat for extra support), and your back will be supported throughout your training as you work your abs and core. The comfy head support is built-in, and the durable bars have well-placed foam covers to protect your arms and legs as well.


A Weighted Hoop That Gives You A Massage As You Workout

Weighted hoops are already a good choice for a minimal effort workout, but this adjustable hoop actually makes working out luxurious because it also massages as you move your abs. This hoop is adjustable for bodies from 31 to 47 inches and won’t fall from your waist.