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11 Fun TikTok Dances To Learn With Your Partner Before Valentine's Day

For minimal footwork and maximum cuteness.

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Ah, Valentine's Day. A night for champagne (boxed wine), lingerie (sweatpants), and dinner and dancing (takeout and TikTok). After hours of scrolling through your For You page, you and your boo may feel inspired to create some cute content of your own. If you're trying to get your groove on this Feb. 14, these 11 TikTok dances for couples to learn this Valentine's Day will have you bringing the (Hype) house down.

With many states establishing social-distancing orders, Valentine's Day undoubtedly looks a little different this year. While you may not be able to go out for a big night on the town, you and your partner can still have a safe and memorable V-Day at home. Putting on some comfy clothes, throwing on some good tunes, and learning a trendy dance will get your heart rate and your creativity going. Whether you're an Abba-style dancing queen or historically have two left feet, learning a TikTok dance with your boo is a low-stakes way to move your body, connect with your partner, and have some major laughs as you go along.

From the Domino Lovers Challenge to the Lotus Flower Bomb, here are 11 couple TikTok dances to do with your date this V-Day.


What You Know About Love

For minimal footwork and maximum cuteness.


Red Velvet

Named after the most Valentine's Day dessert of all time.


Domino Lovers Challenge

Bonus points if you order some Domino's after.


Corvette Corvette

It's the "jet like jet" for me.


Love Me

This is the 2021 version of Napoleon Dynamite's spirit fingers.


Then Leave

A wise man once said, "Get that head, get that bread."


She Gon' Enter

Shake what your mama gave you.


Lotus Flower Bomb

If you ever needed a reminder of what all the vowels sound like.


Vroom Vroom

The modern-day macarena.



The Britney Spears and B-52's crossover you never knew you needed.



More like papercut a rug.

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