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14 TikTok Dating Coaches Who Are Here To Save Your Love Life

Coaches can help you re-evaluate past behaviors and set future goals.

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Listening to a dating coach online doesn't mean you're into playing games. In fact, these dating coaches to follow on TikTok are all about authenticity, empowerment, and direct communication between partners. Whether you're looking for a 60-second pre-date pep talk or want to learn more about how anxiety impacts relationships, these 14 content creators are here to help you be your best self (and date the best people).

Although chatting about your crush with your friend can be helpful, it can also be beneficial to have an objective, outside perspective. Hearing from a dating coach can remind you that you're not the only person who has been ghosted by someone on Hinge or that it's not selfish or needy to be looking for a serious, long-term relationship. Coaches can help you re-evaluate past behaviors, set goals, and get you close to the (love) life you're looking for. Of course, if you're working through past relationship trauma and other mental health issues, you may want to look into more personalized meetings with a licensed mental health professional. Remember: Watching a minute-long clip isn't the same as going to therapy.

But if you're looking for some quick tips on making your Bumble stand out or want to know what to text your new crush, these TikTok dating coaches are worth checking out.


Alexis Germany

For a crash course in perfecting your profile, look no further than dating and life coach Alexis Germany. Though you can hire her for individual dating coaching, her TikTok is full of free tips and pretty in-depth profile reviews (especially for a 60-second video). Focused on confidence, self-love, and empowerment, Germamy will have you speaking your truth and meeting your emotional matches.


Alina Lepak

Alexis Germany.Alina Lepak is a life coach and founder of YouTheCEO, an online center for emotional intelligence, intimacy, and relationships. On TikTok, she talks about attachment styles, love languages, and navigating mental health in relationships.



Kmac is a millennial motivational speaker and dating advice expert here to "help you level up and master your inner baddy" (her words). Her videos tackle f*ckboys and inspire inner confidence.


Janette Xzeto

Relationship and indset coach Janette Xzeto is dedicated to breaking toxic cycles in modern dating. Her straight-forward videos will help you better communicate your wants and needs, manage over thinking and dating anxiety, and set goals for yourself moving forward.


Toni Tone

Toni Tone is a public speaker and writer who focuses on empowerment and creating healthy relationships. Her TikTok is full of mic drop moments, encouraging you to see relationships from different perspectives and challenge your past beliefs.


Matthew Hussey

You may know Matthew Hussey as the resident love expert on the Today Show (or, you know, as Camila Cabello's ex). The British life coach is all about taking back your power and setting yourself up for success in relationships. His videos will make you think about what you're really looking for in a partner and how to emotionally invest in the right people.


Tori Gordon

Tori Gordon is a coach and motivational speaker who teaches courses on building healthy relationships and understanding your emotions. Her TikTok videos are about dating with intuition, learning from your past relationships, and prioritizing healing and self-growth in dating.


Lindsey Metselaar

Lindsey Metselaar is the host of the millennial dating podcast: We Met At Acme. Her TikTok's are no-nonsense lists of immediate takeaways ranging from "Things To Discuss Before Moving In Together" to "Things To Never Say In An ARguemtn With Your Partner."


Renee Ariel

If you're thinking about double texting that idiot who ghosted you, try watching Renee Ariel's videos first. As a dating coach and founder of relationship blog, Sexting And The City, she's like the big sister you always wanted, who gives you honesty and tough love because she's been there too.


Levi Washington

The king of debunking dating myths and misconceptions, Canadian dating coach Levi Washington is all about keeping it real and delivering the hard truths with love. You won't find dating games or shortcuts here; his TikTok videos prioritize boundaries, being self-aware, and calling out BS when you find it.


Katie Miles

Katie Miles is a marriage and family licensed therapist specializing in relationships and anxiety. Her videos are about developing better communication skills, validating your partner, and working through healthy conflict. She’ll have you re-evaluating past behaviors, breaking negative cycles, and learning better coping skills


Britt Labonte

Life coach and dating mentor Britt Labonte aims to helps single women love themselves and trust the process of dating. Her encouraging videos are all about trusting your intuition and putting yourself out there (on the apps and IRL).


The Relationship Recovery

Tiffany Denny and Kierstyn Franklin are the founders of The Relationship Recovery, relationship trauma coaching. Their videos are about working through trauma in relationships, healing from the past, and learning to identify toxic behaviors in relationships.


Loari Edison

Loari Edison is a dating coach and the host of the podcast, Break The Dating Code. Her videos are about getting out of old dating habits that aren't serving you anymore, taking healthy risks, and learning to show up as your truest self on dates.