9 Hacks For Drinking More Water, According To TikTok

H2O on your #fyp.

A close up of water infused with lemons, blueberries, and strawberries. TikTok videos about being hy...
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You know nobody in your life is drinking enough water when everyone on your Zoom call is on their fourth cup of coffee (at 11 a.m.). But then someone reminds your team to "hydrate or diedrate," and suddenly H2O is the coolest thing ever. TikTok hacks for drinking more water are kind of similar — you can't unhear the recommendation, and it might just change your perspective on staying hydrated.

Some folks are gadget people, so getting yourself to drink more water by means of a fancy new water bottle might be your type of hack. Others need to set alarms, and still others would hydrate, if only water didn't have the potential to be so darn dull. Whether you're looking to spice up your hydration life, form fresh habits, or get more in tune with your body and what it needs, TikTok is both an odd and appropriate place to turn.

Of course, not all hacks work for everybody — we can't all be tech-savvy enough to program reminders into our Discord servers — so for good measure, TikTok has a wide variety of ways to make hydrating a little less of a chore. Here are nine videos about drinking more water you might have missed on your #ForYou page.



Sometimes, you don't need any words to remind you to toss back extra H2O. This garden ASMR TikTok will take you through listening to and watching pretty plants and gardening gear get their daily dose of liquid so you can be inspired to grab some hydration of your own.


Toss Some Fruit In It

Not a fan of having water straight-up? Try adding some fruit. This TikTok recommends adding mint leaves, watermelon slices, and blueberries to your water bottle. Literally just toss 'em in and let 'em sit. If the flavors will help you drink more water, more flower power to you.


French Press Your Infused Water

If you've tried the whole "fruit + water + mason jar = more hydration" equation, but you dislike getting booped in the nose with blueberries, try putting your French press to good use. This TikTok recommends adding lemon, orange slices, and mint leaves to make infused water with your French press. Let it all steep for a couple of hours. Once you press, it's all the flavor and none of the floating fruit.


Freeze Your Infused Water

You've heard of meal prep, but you can also water prep. When you want to infuse your water with fruity flavors but don't want to deal with renewing your batch every day, use muffin tins to make ice cubes with fruit slices already embedded. When you're ready for a new glass, just pour regular water on and let your infused ice melt the taste in.


Get A Water Bottle With Reminders

Treat yourself to a time-labeled, motivational water bottle. Fill it in the morning (feel free to add fruit like in this TikTok) and your bottle will encourage you all day to drink enough to hit each label. Think, a solid "keep drinking" on the 3 p.m. water line and an "a little bit more" inspiration at 7 p.m.


Choose The Best Times To Drink Water

Try pairing water with things you're already going to do throughout the day. For example, this TikTok recommends drinking two glasses when you wake up, a glass a half-hour before eating, and a glass before you hop into the shower. That way, you'll be staggering hydration with tasks that are already in your routine.


Check In With Your Body

Make "have you had enough water today?" part of your internal dialogue. As illustrated in this delightful self-talk TikTok, ask yourself about water when you've got a headache, when you're feeling tired, or pretty much whenever your body is out of sorts. The answer is most often that you've been neglecting your H2O (and you should go grab a glass).


Set Reminders

It's hard to stay on top of hydration when you're distracted by your day and just don't remember to drink. Maybe you set alarm-reminders in your phone, or put up a Post-it above your laptop. Or if you're super fancy, you can set yourself a reminder on Discord to drink and stretch. You can't go wrong when that notification chime is the one telling you to refill your glass.


Let #FrogTok Inspire You

Sometimes, all the most reasonable hacks in the world won't get you to actually drink enough water. But cataloging ridiculous videos like this one into your brain can remind you to water yourself with the same generosity with which you would water this frog friend.