9 Trainer-Approved Tips That'll Motivate Your Treadmill Runs

Keep those miles interesting.



Even if you love hitting up your treadmill for your workouts, logging mile after mile without actually going anywhere can sometimes get old. To help, trainers are sharing their top treadmill motivation tips to keep you lacing up for more.


Reframe Your Thinking

Instead of dreading the tread, consider it a tool for a range of dynamic, efficient workouts, says STRIDE running coach Chase Solarin. From incline hikes to sprint sessions, the treadmill is your oyster for all different kinds of exercise sessions.

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Pattern Your Runs

Sick of your usual treadmill routine? Shake things up with intervals, says Barry’s instructor Andrew Nunez. Mix and match sprints, jogs, and walks at different intervals and inclines to keep your workouts interesting (and challenging).

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Cross Train

If your workouts are all treadmill, all the time, it can be hard to motivate. Solarin recommends adding strength training segments to spice up your sweat sesh. Added bonus? Research shows cross-training can help improve your strength and performance overall.


Hide The Screen

Nothing makes the seconds crawl by more slowly than watching the clock, so Solarin suggests covering the treadmill screen with a towel. It’ll shift your mind off the numbers and onto how you’re feeling, which is the best incentive for getting your sweat on.


Focus On Feeling

One of the best ways to pump yourself up for the tread, according to Solarin, is to think about how good you’ll feel afterwards. You’ll knock out your workout knowing that every step brings you closer to that runner’s high.

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Walk, Don’t Run

Having trouble motivating for a run? Walk instead, says Solarin. It’s great for your body, lower-impact than running, and can be an easier way to get yourself onto the treadmill. And who knows — once you start walking, you may get in the mood for a jog.

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Set Small Goals

Staring down an hour-long run can be daunting. Instead, set small goals for your workout, says Nunez. Run an interval at a certain pace, walk uphill for a minute, or prioritize form. Whatever your goals, smashing them will help you have fun and feel accomplished.

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Distract Yourself

There’s nothing like a little Netflix to power you through a tough treadmill sesh, says Solarin. Put on your favorite TV show, podcast, or music to distract you while you run out the clock — then you’ll be done before you know it.

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It Can Be COVID-Safe

Even if running on the treadmill in your basement isn’t your favorite activity, Solarin says it might be the safest, which is motivation enough to hit your home gym. Exercising on the regular can also help boost your immune system, so it’s a win-win.

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