15 Fun “Would You Rather” Questions To Ask Your Friends

Funny, spicy, and serious ways to mix up the convo.

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Two friends asking "would you rather" questions to each other.

Between weekly bottomless brunches, movie nights, and shopping trips, it’s easy to get into routines when you’re spending time with your friends. While every conversation you have with your pals can be different, sometimes things naturally just get stale. Scrolling TikTok and Instagram might offer fun ideas for creative events or themed cocktail nights you can have with your squad, but what about when you’re just looking to switch things up during your nightly FaceTime debrief or weekly happy hour? You might benefit from some ideas for “would you rather” questions to ask your friends when you’re bored.

Does one of your friends have a totally codependent relationship with their pet? Does another need Netflix like they need the air they breathe? If you know them pretty well, there’s certainly no shortage of entertaining “would you rather” questions that you can personalize for each of them, ranging from hilarious to thought-provoking. Especially when it comes to your more candid (and even sex-positive) pals, you might learn something new about each other.

During your next gathering (or when the group chat starts to get stale), try to mix up the conversation with some different “would you rather” questions for each of your friends. If you need some unique ideas, here are 15 different examples to try out.

Funny Would You Rather Questions To Ask Your Friends

1. Would you rather give up all video streaming services or give up listening to music?

2. Would you rather give your pet(s) the ability to talk or the ability to sing?

3. Would you rather have a partner snore every night or be the partner who snores?

4. Would you rather only be able to eat food from your favorite restaurant for the rest of your life or never be able to eat there again?

5. Would you rather be the president or be the pope?

Spicy Would You Rather Questions To Ask Your Friends

6. Would you rather hook up with your ex or hook up with their best friend?

7. Would you rather accidentally post sexy pics on your Instagram grid or send them to your boss?

8. Would you rather be able to use food-play with something you’re allergic to or have as much flexibility in bed as you want?

9. Would you rather be able to change one part of your body to your idea of perfection or have the best wardrobe for the rest of your life?

10. Would you rather give up sex or give up ever being able to have a pet?

Serious Would You Rather Questions To Ask Your Friends

11. Would you rather have six months to live but be able to travel everywhere on your bucket list or spend those six months at home with family and friends?

12. Would you rather live in an awful apartment in your dream city or your dream apartment in an awful city?

13. Would you rather have the ability to remove every single negative experience you’ve had from your memory or continue to live a normal life but every experience you have is 100% positive?

14. Would you rather have your pet(s) live your entire life or have me live your entire life?

15. Would you rather solve the worldwide hunger crisis or discover the cure for all forms of cancer?

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