Dad Sings Adorable Duet With One-Year-Old Son

I'm personally convinced that the Fletcher family is actually a government experiment to see just how much cuteness the human heart can endure before it explodes. Recently a video was posted of a dad singing a duet with his one-year-old son, and if they seem familiar, it's because they should: dad Tom Fletcher and his adorable son Buzz have been staples on YouTube since quite literally before Buzz was born. Remember the viral video of a dad singing to a time lapse pregnancy? That'd be your faves, Tom and fetus Buzz. Remember that other video of a baby laughing his lil head off at a dandelion? Buzz and Tom again, y'all. If your heart is still beating by the end of this article, you've got a much higher tolerance for cuteness overload than I do, that's for sure.

It only makes sense that Buzz would break into the singing biz, considering the family he was born into. His dad is well-known for his videos on YouTube and for playing guitar in the band McFly, and his aunt Carrie Hope Fletcher has been starring on the West End as Éponine in Les Misérables, now in her second year in the role. (No, YOU'RE stalking an adorable, unsuspecting British family on the internet.) Judging by this latest video Tom shared on Instagram, Buzz will be able to more than hold his own during the next big family karaoke night:

Side note: can I please be invited to the next Fletcher family karaoke night?! I only have to swim 3,000 miles, it's fine.

Because we can never get enough of this family, here are some #TBTs guaranteed to emotionally destroy you in front of all your co-workers today! First off, the video that kicked it all off: "From Bump To Buzz" chronicled Giovanna Fletcher's pregnancy every day for nine months, while Tom sang a song he wrote called "Something New".

And just in case your heartstrings are still hanging on by a thread, here's the video that will do you in — Buzz seeing a dandelion for the first time and losing his precious little mind.

Buzz is losing it. Tom is losing it. WE ARE ALL LOSING IT. Happy Monday, everyone, from a family with the kind of cuteness that never quits.

Images: tomfletcher/Instagram