Nick Viall Quotes That Prove He's A Good Guy

by Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

It's hard to shake off a bad reputation when you're a reality TV star. Take Nick Viall of The Bachelorette , for example, who was branded the villain of the show because he didn't mind breaking the rules and showing up to date Kaitlyn Bristowe mid-season, and because, in his previous season, he chose a live TV segment as the perfect place to ask former Bachelorette and ex-girlfriend Andi Dorfman why she had sex with him if she didn't love him. Throughout the course of his time on The Bachelorette, these individual acts turned Nick into a very polarizing guy. (Also, his last name is Viall, which sounds like "vile" and looks like "villain," so he never really had a chance to be anything other than the Bachelorette's resident "bad boy.")

The Bachelorette's fan base is divided when it comes to Nick. Some consider him The Actual Worst, and others, perhaps blinded by his sheer hotness, insist that he isn't that bad and might actually be decent human being. Monday night's season finale will surely bring out all the diehard Nick defenders, as well as those who would rather see Shawn Booth frolic into the sunset with Kaitlyn, leaving Nick Viall to his vile, villainous ways.

The two-time Bachelorette suitor may have done some douchey things in his time on the show, but he's also tried really hard to move on from said douchey things, and if he ends up with Kaitlyn, it really won't be a bad decision on her part. Here's are eight Nick quotes that prove he's s not completely awful and is actually a pretty chill dude.

1. When He Admitted He Was A Taylor Swift Fan

He'll forever live in regret for not buying those tix.

2. When He Had These Post-Breakup Well-Wishes For Andi Dorfman

"If you're truly happy with your decision, then I want that happiness to continue for you," Nick wrote in a letter he gave to Andi after he was kicked off of the show, which was later posted on The Bachelorette Facebook page.

3. When He Gave A Sweet Shoutout To Family And Friends

Proof he has real friends, not just Bachelorette cast enemies.

4. When He Said He'd Always Remember The Good Times With Andi Dorfman

Even with his little broken heart, Nick said he'd "always think fondly on the experience" of being a Bachelorette contestant during an interview with ABC News.

5. When He Defended Kaitlyn

It takes two to tango.

6. When He Spoke Out Against Online Slut Shaming

Nick Viall: White Knight of Sex Positivity

7. When He Posed With This Cute Baby

OK, so it's not exactly a quote, but that's a quality caption and that baby seems to like him, so...

8. When He Got Really Excited For Pizza Rolls

Definitive proof that he's a chill guy.

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