Why Does Shawn B. Call Nick Viall "The Other Guy" On 'The Bachelorette'? It's Also A Dig At Ben H.

I'm not sure if you guys have noticed, but Bachelorette contestants Shawn B. and Nick Viall really don't like each other all that much. The fight heard 'round the world that concluded last week's episode has all but solidified the fact that the these two grown-ass men will just never be able to be friends, and while that's all well and good, there is one problem that need be addressed: Why does Shawn B. call Nick "the other guy"? Is it a jealousy thing? Is it something that was thought up and encouraged by the show's producers? Does Shawn really think that Nick is there to get his 15 minutes of fame again? And, finally, does anyone realize how hurtful this whole thing actually is to Ben H., who, in case they forgot, is still in the running, guys! Let's discuss.

Those who remember the Week 4 episode during which Nick Viall made his grand entrance will also remember that Shawn was immediately unenthused. He didn't (and still hasn't) really even considered him as a presence other than to get all moody and such whenever Kaitlyn spends any time Nick, as is the nature of the show. He has also dubbed Nick with the moniker "The Other Guy," which, in effect, dehumanizes him and serves to imply that Shawn not only doesn't consider him competition, but he doesn't really even consider him at all.

Here's the biggest problem with this whole "other guy" business though: While I get that Shawn doesn't trust Nick and that he's completely within his rights not to like someone and have feelings and all that jazz, but he's not only making an ass out of himself and an unnecessary enemy out of a relative stranger, he's also kind of disrespecting Ben H. in the process.

I know what you all are probably thinking: "Sara, you're making a mountain out of a molehill, Ben is literally not even involved in this fight, stop turning it into something that's bigger than it is, you fire-starter." But, hear me out: Shawn and Ben may feel a certain sense of camaraderie since they've been in the fight for Kaitlyn's heart since the very beginning, but Shawn's jealousy toward and focus on Nick and his behavior suggests that, deep down, he considers Nick a threat and Ben a friend, or someone who never could (or would) get in between him and Kaitlyn. Basically, for Shawn it seems like he's making the competition between himself and "Other Guy" Nick, and forgetting than Ben H. is still there. And, guys, I don't know if you've been paying attention, but Ben H. is the serious MVP of The Bachelorette . He's sweet and loving and doesn't get involved in any of the show's drama, and isn't that exactly the kind of guy you'd want Kaitlyn to end up with?

And, really, all other people aside, how immature does this whole "other guy" BS make Shawn seem? I understand jealousy — to paraphrase the wise Nick Jonas, it's Shawn's right to be hellish, he still gets jealous. It's totally normal to feel like someone is encroaching on your territory or your relationship, especially when these relationships with Kaitlyn are so far along and real, legitimate feeling are at stake. But, Shawn's behavior, rather than reaffirming his love for Kaitlyn and his assumption that he's the only one there for the right reasons, actually makes him seem like he's turning this whole scenario into some kind of "don't steal my toys" contest, and it's really not a cute look.

I'll leave you all with this thought: If you were dating three people who all knew each other, how would you feel if you found out that one guy was singling both of the others out by disrespecting and disregarding each of the other ones, respectively? Not good, right? Let this be a lesson to Shawn: Even though he only thinks he's hurting Nick with his obnoxious "other guy" comments, there are more people involved in this fight, and his attitude could be what costs him the rose.

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