Karaoke Group Songs To Sing With Your Friends

As a karaoke aficionado, I have to say that going with a big group of friends definitely guarantees for a great night. But what's even more fun is singing songs with that big group of friends. Sure, most of us probably have our solo karaoke standards, but most of the time it's depending on the level of alcohol we've consumed (sorry Mom). Group songs are just better. You get to pick an anthem, or something totally weird, and just belt out the words. And no one will judge you because they're doing the exact same thing. These are some of the best karaoke songs to do as a group, although there are so many others out there already — and more being made on a daily basis.

Some of the songs are classics; you can't go wrong belting out a little Queen with your closest friends in a private room or for the whole crowd at the bar to see. Because why not? You're all there to make fools of yourselves. But some of these are newer jams that will one day make their way into the hall of fame of group karaoke tracks. I take my karaoke very seriously folks, and now it's finally working in my favor.

Best Theatrical Group Song: "Bohemian Rhapsody" By Queen

"Bohemian Rhapsody" is usually the perfect song for the beginning of the evening, when your group is still gung-ho about really putting forth the passion and effort necessary for a song like this. And, usually, it's amazing. It really sets the mood for the evening.

Best Epic Love Group Song: "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" By Bonnie Tyler

This song is a given. It's a karaoke standard!

Best Drunk Group Song: "Tubthumping" By Chumbawamba

No one ever really knows the words of this song when singing, because most of the time they're drunk. Don't even try to follow the words on the screen while performing this at karaoke. Just enjoy your drunken-ness.

Best Boy Band Group Song: "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" By Backstreet Boys

In case you're an *NSYNC hater.

Best Boy Band Group Song #2: "Bye Bye Bye" By *NSYNC

In case you're a BSB hater.

Best Britney Group Song: "Hit Me Baby One More Time" By Britney Spears

Her music is karaoke gold.

Best Ballad Group Song: "Kiss From A Rose" By Seal

It's an unwritten rule that every group that does karaoke together has to sing this song together at one point in the night. It's an amazing song.

Best Easy Lyrics Group Song: "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" By The Proclaimers

It's mostly the same words over and over again. If Ted and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother can appreciate it for its nonsensical brilliance, we all can as well.

Best Girl Power Group Song: "Say My Name" By Destiny's Child

But, really, most of their songs — or any Beyoncé song — will do the trick here. Everyone sings during a Beyoncé song. That's a given.

Best Party Anthem Group Song: "Party In The U.S.A." By Miley Cyrus


Best "Hate My Ex" Group Song: "You Oughta Know" By Alanis Morissette

Just watching Kevin from The Office doing it by himself was entertaining, but screaming this with your girlfriends at a karaoke bar after getting dumped? Now that's the way to enjoy the single life.

Best Rocker Group Song: "Don't Stop Believin'" By Journey

Glee may have gotten a lot of things wrong, but they did get this really right. "Don't Stop Believin'" is a classic rock anthem, and it's also the perfect for groups to belt out.

Best Weird Group Song: "Love Shack" By The B-52's

It's so strange, and it's so damn fun.

Best Classic Group Song: "Piano Man" By Billy Joel

A perfect end to a perfect karaoke night.

If you're really feeling fancy, pack all of these songs up for your group of friends to do one right after the other. People might be annoyed at first, but, after a while, they'll be too drunk to do anything but sing along. And that's the karaoke spirit at work.