Did Nick Pay For Kaitlyn's Engagement Ring Or Did Someone Take Care Of The Bill?

Can you believe the finale of The Bachelorette is here already? Once again, Nick Viall is in the finals, but this time, will he be trading out his Claddagh ring for a real engagement ring? According to People, the potential suitor already has a ring picked out, but did Nick pay for Kaitlyn's engagement ring? There aren't any details confirming whether he did or didn't, but here's what I know so far.

People released a sneak peak of the The Bachelorette's finale, which showed Neil Lane paying a visit to Viall. Viall ended up telling Lane about how he had done this before for Andi Dorfman, the bachelorette from last season, but Dorfman decided to let Viall go in the season finale. This season, Viall has been quite hopeful and according to rumors, the ring he picked out is a 3.5-carat diamond ring that is valued at $100,000. And although Viall works for Salesforce, $100,000 is definitely a lot of dough to dish out from his pocket.

Rumors have said that the contestants aren't ever the ones to pay for the engagement rings, but it's their responsibility to pick out the perfect cut and shape. Jesse Csinczak, the winner from season 4 told Enstarz that the producers have the finalists pick an engagement ring without having to think about money at all. That sure sounds like the best type of shopping spree, ever. I can't wait to see if Viall ended up choosing the $100,000 bling or not.

Hang in there fellow fans — the wait is almost over!

Images: kaitlynbristowe/Instagram (2)