Nick & Shawn's Final Showdown Was Weird

All season long, we've seen the top two guys duke it out on The Bachelorette. Chris Harrison insisted on saying that these two "just didn't get along" (despite the fact that they probably shouldn't since they love the same woman), but really, these two hated each other. So much so that Shawn refused to even call Nick by his name — let's forget the infamous "the other guy" speech. When these two guys came together on the finale special, I was sure it would be unfathomably awkward. And it was. But mostly because when Nick & Shawn confronted each other on After The Final Rose, it was less intense and more weird than I anticipated.

Sure, Nick and Shawn were awkward around each other. Sure, it was weird when Chris Harrison asked them to hug. And yeah, Nick gave Shawn a glare when Shawn said that The Bachelorette "is a love story" because clearly, Shawn has that perspective because he gets to marry Kaitlyn. But this was no fairy tale meeting. This was the most awkward, yet civil meeting of ex bachelors in recent memory. (Or at least in my recent memory.)

In the end, Harrison declared it an amiable meeting, and technically it was. But not before these totally uncomfortable moments passed between the two guys.

The "Your Beard Is Good" Bro Chat

"You look nice," says Nick

"Thank you, I like your beard," says Shawn.

"What is happening???" says everyone at home.

The Sincere Explanation Of "The Other Guy" Comments

Shawn was sorta nice. But ultimately, he just called Nick shady:

I think we are very different people and I'm not a fake person and I kind of tell it like it is and I can't be nice to someone who I don't have a good feeling about. I felt like something was a little off ... there was something said in the house that I don't want to get into and I just had a bad feeling. So I just kept to myself...

The "Shut Up, Chris Harrison/Dad" Moment

"Would it be crazy to say that y'all are more alike than you think?" inquires Chris Harrison. Yes, sir. Yes it would.

The "I've Accepted The Process Now That I've Won" Gloating Period

Shawn, all smiley, "admits" that he knew the show would be difficult.

"I'm on the Bachelorette and this is what's going to happen," he says.

Cha. You say that now, Mr. Cried All Season.

The I'm Not Jealous Because Ben H. Is My Buddy Argument

"The whole jealousy thing, I think that's just crazy," says Shawn, because he's still friends with Ben H.

Sorry, bro. That doesn't necessarily explain your behavior. We all knew Ben H. was the future Bachelor at that point, OK?

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC