Nick & Shawn's Fight Was Totally Below The Belt

There’s been no love lost between Shawn B. and Nick Viall on the latest version of The Bachelorette : Shawn and Nick had a fight, and Shawn thinks Nick (who he calls “the other guy”) is a manipulative loser who is somehow enchanting Kaitlyn to be with him, and Nick feels that Shawn is projecting his own insecurities and issues onto Nick, because Shawn thought that he was the front runner of this whole thing three weeks in.

There’s been a sparring match between these two all season. First, Nick went on a one-on-one Fantasy Suite date with Kaitlyn and told Kaitlyn that Shawn brags about being an “Eskimo brother” (that’s a relationship that two men have if they’ve had sex with the same woman) with a country singer and that he’s insecure and not worth Kaitlyn’s time. Um, really, Nick? Why would you even bring that up to Kaitlyn? It’s totally not cool and not really her business who Shawn has been with before her.

Not to be outdone, Shawn has had oh, about 30 conversations with Kaitlyn about how Nick’s intentions are impure and how he’s a snake that doesn’t deserve her. Kaitlyn’s response to these two boneheads? She implored them both to trust her, because the whole point of this is to explore as many relationships as possible so that she can find her husband. (You go, girl).

Well, things have just reached a head between these two bros. Shawn (in a very staged phone call) got Nick’s room number in their hotel, and pretty much barged right in. Shawn didn’t hold back, telling Nick to his face that he was manipulative, arrogant, cocky, and that if Kaitlyn wanted Nick then she wasn’t the girl Shawn thought she was. Way harsh. Nick didn’t suffer Shawn’s attack gladly: He fired back, telling Shawn that there’s no real basis for him to say these things, that he’s had his mind made up about Nick since day one, and that Shawn is projecting all of his own insecurities on Nick. Boys, can’t we get along?

The episode finished with a “to be continued,” which leads me to believe that the fighting just gets worse.How will Nick and Shawn’s fight change this season of The Bachelorette (and Kaitlyn’s feelings)? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

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Images: ABC/Clodagh Kilcoyne; Giphy (2)