8 Ways To Alter Your Swimsuit

Last season your swimsuit was perfect, but this summer it's just plain tragic. Maybe your size changed, maybe the style changed, or maybe your mood changed — but whatever the reason, you need to know how to alter bathing suits when they don't fit your body or mind anymore.

Swimsuits are fickle creatures. One minute they are perfection itself and the next minute it's as though they are purposely trying to do us harm. It's nearly impossible to find swimsuits that fit well, IMO. They bunch in the wrong places, they sag in unheard of areas, and then they go and lose elasticity at exactly the wrong moment.

Seeing as how there is no loyalty to be found in a swimsuit drawer, we must take it upon ourselves to reshape misbehaving bathing suits into graceful compliments to our body once more. Whether that be with scissors, glue, creative tying, or innovative dying, it's time to take back the beach with the swimsuits of our dreams.

Read along for 8 easy tricks to alter your bathing suit when it just isn't cooperating anymore.

1. Sew in a lace panel

Experiment with these DIY directions to change a boring old bikini into lacy, luxurious, lounge wear. This anything-but-basic black suit will serve as your inspiration. Be imaginative with colors and textures.

2. Add boho flair with vintage embellishments

How fabulous would it be if you deconstructed those old bolo ties your grandpa gave you and upcycled them for a swimsuit revamp? Pretty dang fabulous. If you're sewing averse, use the hot glue gun — but please reinforce it with a few simple stitches so you don't lose the family jewels at the beach. Think strategic placement at either the deep V of your one-piece neckline, or matching pieces on the hips of your bikini. Now that's homemade glamour.

3. Reimagine the straps

If your top is prone to sagging or is so tight your boobs squeeze out into your armpits, start by altering your swimsuit straps. Shortening the straps is simple with a sewing machine. If sewing sounds worse than having your top fall off, try snipping the straps off the back side, trimming them to the desired length, and using them as a halter tie around the neck. Although going shorter is easier, you can absolutely add length to your shoulder straps if you have basic sewing skills.

4. Flip around your bikini top and bottom

Just flip that bad boy triangle bikini right around to give a whole new flair to your look. Of course, some swimsuits are made to be reversible, but even those that are not can make for some cool swimsuit combinations you may not have thought of!

5. Turn your one-piece into a high-waisted bikini bottom

You adore the pattern of your one piece, but are ready to embrace the glamour of a high-waisted bikini bottom. Make the new old and the old new by using your favorite suit to create your retro bottoms. This DIY tutorial will walk you through the steps. Pair with a darling bikini top and wait for the praise to roll in.

6. Make your behind a bit cheekier

A few simple stitches will create a playful ruching up the back of your bikini bottom. This move defines your buns and looks hot, hot, hot. And it's so easy all you need is the emergency travel needle and thread kit they give you at hotels.

7. Bedazzle using sequins, lace, or flowers

Go ahead, make your boring old swim suit fit for the strip club. It's gonna be fun as hell to wear and pretty soon all the ladies at the country club are gonna be sewing on their own golden appliqués.

8. Dip dye for a cool, ombre or tie-dye look

Use a simple dip dying technique to breathe new style into a faded color or look. Just be sure to use waterproof dye!

Or if all this DIY hullabaloo is making you crazy in the brain, get inspired by some of the unique new swimwear fashions that are surfacing and take yourself shopping!

Images: @be_mydreamz/Instagram