14 Signs You've Been Watching 'PLL' Too Much

I have a serious problem, and its name is Pretty Little Liars. Despite the fact that I am now completely hooked on the insanely entertaining hit ABC Family series, I was not always a believer. In fact, I began watching Pretty Little Liars rather begrudgingly as part of an assignment and could not wait to be done with the pilot before it even began. I'm not sure why I was so opposed to checking out the show, but I really was. Not only did I not allow myself to watch, I actively used to avoid teasers and postesr. I think I knew even then that if I watched, I would not be able to stop. And folks, that's exactly what has happened. In a matter of a month, I have burned through every episode of the series and am now caught up to the current season. The tell-tale signs of watching too much Pretty Little Liars are now obvious.

I know it doesn't seem possible because of how ridiculously interesting Pretty Little Liars is, but you can watch too much of this show. It's subtle at first, but things start to happen once you've passed the point of no return. You may not notice it right away, but everyone else does. And soon, when the only song on the tip of your tongue is "Got A Secret" and you can't help but try and synchronize your speech with your friends, you'll know it's happened. You've officially watched too much Pretty Little Liars, and there is no turning back.

1. This Bugs You So Much You Have To Skip The Opening Theme Sometimes

It's just so off-center!

2. Yet You Find Yourself Singing The Theme All. The. Time.

Why is it so catchy?

3. You're Willing To Physically Fight People When They Hate On The Show

I have never been so violent during a TV marathon in my life.

4. You Synchronize Certain Words Or Phrases With Other People

Timing is huge on Pretty Little Liars. They read those A texts so perfectly in synch, it's insane.

5. You Recite Quotes Constantly

That's a given for any show you marathon, but it's just so much more fun with PLL.

6. The Word "Bitch" Has Never Been So Appealing

With phrases from Hanna like "He, she, it, Bitch" and Spencer's most recent "Bitch chipped us," it's hard not to find new appeal to the word and to use it in everyday life.

7. Everyone Looks Suspicious To You

Seriously, I genuinely suspect even my mailman of keeping things from me. Even my dog looks to have some secrets. No one is safe from suspicion.

8. You're Disappointed By Your High School Teachers

Why couldn't I have someone as cool as Ella Montgomery? Why wasn't there a Mr. Fitz running around for me to crush on?

9. You're Worried You're Charles

At this point, who else could it be? The show keeps trying to take away any possible suspect, so only the audience could be A. We are watching the girls' every move...

10. You Read Every Theory Out There

All of them. And there are hundreds.

11. The Liars Can Really Piss You Off

Sometimes I get so mad at Emily and Aria, I could scream, especially when Emily was constantly choosing Alison's side over the other girls. Seeing so many episodes so close together is a blessing and a curse, because your feelings for characters are heightened when you don't have time to process their actions.

12. You Dream Of The Love Interests Falling For You Someday

For me, it's Caleb. Then again, who else could it be?

13. You Develop A Serious Shopping Habit

Why? Because these girls are so fashionable it makes you jealous. I need to change my entire wardrobe after watching this series.

14. You Can't Imagine Loving Another Show This Much

Honestly, when all is said and done, Pretty Little Liars rules and there's no doubt about it. For more on the series we're all so obsessed with, check out Bustle's PLL podcast.

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