Kaitlyn Thinks Nick's 'Bach' Ring Toss Was "Funny"

After the brutal night we all saw Nick Viall go through for a second time on The Bachelorette, you might think the happy couple would tone it down a bit when talking about the dejected dude on Good Morning America. Unfortunately, when Shawn Booth & Kaitlyn Bristowe were on GMA, they — I hope — tried to keep it light and just sounded a little, well, gloating, laughing profusely about Nick's frustrated ring toss in the limo. Look, I didn't love that moment either, but it has to be hard to be that guy... twice... on National TV. Maybe don't also laugh at him on National TV too, even you are just so happy that you can't contain yourselves. At least the duo were over the moon and incredibly kind to another of Kaitlyn's rejected suitors: Shawn and Kaitlyn are both Ben H. For Bachelor supporters. So that's good, right?

But beyond awkwardly laughing at Lara Spencer's questions about Nick, these two seemed just as happy and in love as they were the night before on After The Final Rose. (Side Note: What are they serving at Starbucks these days? Because these two are like, ridiculously excited to go there together. There are other cute couple things you can do, you know...) But if fans were hoping to get any details about their future or the date of a TV wedding special, they were sorely disappointed.

From here on out, all Shawn & Kaitlyn are planning is to test out each other's hometowns to see where they might want to live (a wise endeavor that I'm wholeheartedly in favor of in any two-city relationship) and "enjoy being cute and engaged." While folks who had visions of tiaras and veils in their heads might be disappointed, I think this might the best bet for these two.

Plus, we've already got folks on Twitter ringing the relationship death knell (some, a little selfishly):

So feeling it out for a while in the real world, once the Twitter chatter has died down, instead of pushing for that glossy happy ending in wedded television bliss is probably a good thing. After all, in the reality of the show, they only knew each other for a few months. I've dated guys I met on OKCupid for longer and never wanted to walk down the aisle with those dudes, so yeah, maybe a little time of "being cute" is the smartest play.

Just stop giggling at "the other guy" on National TV. You don't have to like him, but it's never cute when the happy winners gloat in the direction of the loser, OK?

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC