Would You Wear These Cheeky Period Panties?

by Jodie Layne

Period panties. Those of us who bleed on the regular (or irregular, for that matter) probably all have a few designated pairs. Now, U.K. brand Five Go Mad is redefining period panties with a clever historical twist. While many people may immediately conjure up an image of ratty old granny panties when they think of menstruation-friendly knickers, new breeds of high-tech, leak-proof underwear like Dear Kate mean that period panties have taken on a new meaning. How how about a pair that takes on an old meaning, though?

Tumblr user free-parking posted a photo of panties bearing the faces of Medieval notables such as William Shakespeare and Anne Boleyn with the subtitle "my new wardrobe." It was the pun-loving user periwinklebleu who took things to the logical, hilarious next level by re-blogging with the caption, "period panties." Tumblr loves a good pun and the image has been reblogged more than 175,000 times. The panties recently resurfaced on the viral image sharing site Imgur.

Lucky for us plebs, this underwear is real and you can buy versions featuring Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, and Shakespeare on your bum. Five Go Mad bills them as "beauteous and historic inner as outer wear chic."

Whether you're a history buff who's looking for a quirky accessory or you feel that your periods are akin to torture of Medieval proportions, these hilarious panties can — and should — be yours.

Anne Boleyn Ladies Panties, $25,

Henry VIII Ladies Panties, $25,

Elizabeth I Ladies Panties, $25,

Shakespeare Ladies Panties, $25,

And just for LOLs:

Ladies Olympic Lucky Pants, $23,

Images: Imgur; Courtesy Five Go Mad