Steal Zooey's '500 Days Of Summer' Look In 7 Steps

Summer Finn is the charming, elusive love interest of protagonist Tom Hansen in 500 Days of Summer. From her playful personality to her cutesy hair ribbons, actress Zooey Deschanel's 500 Days of Summer style is irresistible. IMO, the overall look of her character is not a far cry from Jess Day's style (the leading lady of New Girl, also played by Deschanel). However, Jess' style is on the kooky side of whimsical while Summer's errs on the feminine side.

Summer's style could be described as girly, quirky, and ethereal. The ethereal factor probably has more to do with her attitude and personality, as she tends to keep Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character Tom at arm's length. (I know, who in their right mind would do that?)

The baby blue clothing that she wears throughout the movie also reflects this sentiment, since blue is regularly associated with sadness. It is almost as though Tom knows subconsciously that his relationship with Summer will not end well. This makes perfect sense in filmography terms because the movie is shot in a non-linear narrative. Right at the start, the narrator even informs the audience, "This is a story of boy meets girl but you should know up front, this is not a love story."

So here's how to channel Summer Finn's charmingly tempting style, because looking like a modern day femme fatale is one of my personal favorite things.

1. The Summery Tea Dress

Channel Summer's vintage style of decades past by with a lovely, feminine tea dress. Summer's has cute, capped sleeves, a magical swirly pattern, and it appears semi-sheer (adding a touch of naughtiness to her outfit). Whichever style you choose, make it a modest length with flirty details, whether that be sheer material or cheeky cut outs.

Fine Feathered Fancy Dress, $60, Mod Cloth

With its sheer sleeves, cutesy Peter Pan collar, and adorable buttons, this darling pale blue dress is just the ticket and is available in sizes S to 4X.

2. The Cat Eye Makeup

Cat-eye makeup gives off a vintage vibe while also adding a sassy feel to your beauty look. To tone down the sass and keep it less Catwoman and more Brigitte Bardot, keep the rest of your look super natural. Think dewy skin and rosy cheeks.

Eyeliner In Quill, $14, Lime Crime

This vegan eyeliner has a super thin brush so you can create your cat-eye flick with ease. If you're feeling funky, you can even pick an alternative color such as white or purple to really make a statement.

3. The Alternative Workwear

Summer proves that workwear needn't be boring. Put a youthful spin on the classic, white shirt by wearing a sleeveless style and pairing it with high-waisted, tailored trousers.

Classic Collared Shirt, $15, Forever 21

This classic white shirt is a style steal and can be paired with a multitude of garments. It'll make choosing your work outfit much easier when you're bleary eyed and you've not yet had your morning coffee.

If you wish to wear a more feminine style and channel Summer's gleefully girlish side, then why not wear a mini dress? As long as it's tailored in some way (like Summer's stiff short sleeves) and sports a formal flourish (like the lace hemline of her dress) then you should totally be able to get away with wearing it for work. If in doubt, throw on a blazer. Blazers make any outfit look formal.

Oasis Split Skirt Tailored Pencil Dress, $69, Asos

This pencil skirt dress with its stripe detailing and capped sleeves is sure to have you looking like the best dressed in the office.

4. Up Your Hair Accessory Game

Ms. Finn is often seen sporting some kind of adorable hair accessory. She changes it up from powder blue ribbons to strappy, modern headbands to suit her different ensembles. A ribbon worn as a bow in your hair has connotations of Sandy from Grease and in turn adds a youthful naivety to your outfit.

Oversized Lace Bow Hair Clip, $5, Claires

If you're short for time on a morning, throw your hair into a high ponytail and clip this cute bow into your barnet for instant vintage vibes.

A strappy headband is nostalgic of retro Alice bands. However, the straps keep it modern and elegant. IMO, Summer has nailed hair accessories. She wears the pretty bow in her free time and the grown up headband at the office.

Pearl Alice Band, $8, Top Shop

I could totally imagine Summer wearing this simple yet feminine headband. Plus, the pearl design will add an air of sophistication to your outfit, helping you to appear oh so ladylike and mature.

5. The Off-The-Shoulder Chiffon Dress

Seen in a completely different look, Ms. Finn looks stunning in an off-the-shoulder chiffon gown that juxtaposes hilariously with the "penis" game she plays with Tom. To me, the décolletage is one of the most sensual parts of a woman's body and exposing it can sometimes feel sexier than showing off your cleavage or wearing a tight dress. The addition of the chiffon plays on Summer's ethereal, magical side and she reminds me of A Midsummer Night's Dream characters. The key to this look is picking a flowing, fairy-like gown.

Plus Size Mint Green Garden State Mesh Cocktail Dress, $81, Unique-Vintage

You're sure to turn heads in this delightful, vintage-inspired dress. The fresh, mint green color is a great shade for summer and the V-back straps could be worn up or off-the-shoulder depending on your mood. Plus, the sweetheart neckline draws attention to your décolletage so you can be classy and sexy all at once.

6. The Embellished Granny Cardigan

Summer has amazing style. She can make a cardigan that looks like it has been plucked from your grandmother's wardrobe look gorgeous. Summer matched her accessories to the cardigan and kept everything color coordinated. Her pearl bracelet also matched the sweater's embellishment while her headband was the same shade as the cardi as well. To pull of this look, make the cardigan the statement piece in your outfit and fit everything else around it in a traditionally ladylike manner.

Vintage 1960s Lavender Embellished Cardigan, $30, Etsy

This lavender cardigan is just lovely. With its short sleeves and floral embellishment, it's super similar to Summer's sweater. Just pair it with elegant accessories and you'll be pulling off granny chic in no time.

7. The Butterfly Brooch

Ms. Finn is the queen of kookiness but she pulls it off in such a way that her outfits look quite mainstream while being finished off with quirky details. This butterfly brooch and white shirt combo is a great example. Adding a whimsical accessory to a plain-colored garment is a great way to add your own style to workwear.

Sienna Wooden Butterfly Brooch, $13, Not On The High Street

This butterfly brooch is beautifully realistic and captures the essence of Summer. Wear it on your collar like Ms. Finn for instant quirky charm.

Sprinkle your own personality into your wardrobe just like Summer to stand out from the crowd this season.

Images: FOX Searchlight; Giphy