These 'Dance Moms' Quotes Are Hilarious

It's rare that the adults of Dance Moms are being intentionally funny — usually they are so riled up that the things they say in the heat of the moment shock me... but then make me laugh hysterically. Regardless of why I am laughing, there are some seriously funny quotes on Dance Moms. Of course, some of the women and girls know exactly what they are saying and are being amusing for the reality Lifetime show, but a lot of the comedy of the show comes from the attitudes that Abby Lee Miller, the moms, and the dancers bring to the table.

Former Dance Moms Cathy, Kelly, and Christi brought their own special brand of manic energy to the show and their presence has been missed, but Jessalynn and daughter JoJo were added in Season 5 to spice things up. While Dance Moms could never be categorized as a comedy, the high drama of the dance competitions and verbal battles between Abby Lee and the moms can be so over-the-top that it leads to unplanned hilarity. Whether it's Abby Lee, one of the high-energy mothers, or one of the eye-rolling dancers, here are some of the funniest quotes from Dance Moms from its five seasons.

1. Abby Lee On Being Surrounded By Crazies

Let's obtain some self-awareness here, Abby Lee, because us fans all know why.

2. Abby Lee On Appearances, Part 1

As a dancer, I've learned about the importance of a padded bra even without Abby Lee.

3. Abby Lee On Appearances, Part 2

Maybe Abby could choreograph a dance inspired by roadkill.

4. Holly On Appearances

Nia's mom Holly is big on truth bombs.

5. Mackenzie On Her Beach Trip

The young dancers tend to have the better sense of comedic timing over their moms and teacher.

6. Abby Lee On The Struggle To Understand The Internet

Abby Lee has her own Instagram, but it's always amusing when older people try to talk technology they don't fully understand.

7. Cathy On Her Sense Of Style

Cathy thought she had a better fashion sense than Maddie and Mackenzie's mom, Melissa. Hm, dubious, Cathy. Quite dubious.

8. Brooke On Her Own Dance Mom

I wonder how her mom Kelly reacted when she heard that.

9. Christi On Costumes

Chloe's mom gets bonus points for wordplay!

10. Abby On The Drinking Habits Of The Moms

I mean, wouldn't you be if you were one of the Dance Moms?

11. Vivi-Anne On Dancing Vs. Tacos

Tacos win in Cathy's daughter's life. (And, they should win in everyone's.)

12. Abby On Wanting The Gang To Have Fun

As with most things Abby Lee says, the content isn't necessarily hilarious, but her delivery is what slays me — and will continue to make me laugh for as long as Dance Moms is on the air.

Images: Bobby Quillard/Lifetime; Giphy (12); dancerforlifefool/Tumblr