The Best Cara Delevingne Gifs From 'Paper Towns'

Even before her image was plastered on billboards everywhere, Cara Delevingne was one of the most recognizable people in fashion. But, as her new movie Paper Towns proves, Delevingne is more than just a face (or a pair of eyebrows). In fact, part of what makes her so awesome is the crazy expression that she can pull off with her photo-perfect features, as shown in these 12 Paper Towns gifs and memes featuring the star making the funniest and strangest faces possible.

Clearly, she's not afraid of making herself the butt of a joke, as her 16.2 million Instagram followers can attest. In Vogue, Karl Lagerfeld even dubbed her “the Charlie Chaplin of the fashion world" because she's "kind of genius, like a character out of a silent movie." In Paper Towns, Delevingne, as Margo, shows off her expressive range both visually and through dialogue; part of what makes her so endearing as Margo is not her aloofness or distance, but rather how human she seems underneath the veneer of perfection. In a monologue at the end of Paper Towns , Q (Nat Wolff) explains that Margo is not a goddess, a perfect creature, or an inaccessible idea — she's just a girl. But Delevingne's performance shows that she can be both: She's real and flawed, and yet still worthy of being a total icon. As proof, here are 12 memes and gifs that depict the many moods of Cara Delevingne, both on screen and off.

1. The Time She Channeled 'Roach Coach Chic'

According to USA Today, Delevingne found a hot dog suit in an antique shop and decided she had to have it. She wore it to the Paper Towns set one day and did a little dance for the cast. Co-star Nat Wolff said he had become so accustomed to Delevingne's pranks that it "didn't even faze me."

2. When She Took Her Mission Oh-So-Seriously

Speaking of pranks, Delevingne goes full-on ninja mode for Margo's night of mischief in Paper Towns. The only thing better than Delevingne's expression is that of the shop clerk who's clearly judging Margo and Q for their haul of Nair, dead fish, and Saran Wrap.

3. Every Time She Inspired Her Co-Stars To Dance

Seems kind of like Delevingne's mad energy was infectious — just look at those dance moves!

4. When She Had Fun With The Rest Of The Fashion World

Delevingne's penchant for laughs wasn't new to the Paper Towns set — as Lagerfeld noted, she's perhaps as well known for pulling faces at the most unexpected moments as she is for her campaigns for the likes of Burberry, Tom Ford, and Yves Saint Laurent. Delevingne caught fellow supermodel Jourdan Dunn in a grimace that rivals any of her own.

5. When She Totally Started It

What else can you do when a feisty human comes at you with both fists waving? Nat Wolff's response is spot-on.

6. When She Thought This Was Appropriate Store Behavior

At two in the morning, too.

7. All Those Times Her Use Of Props Was Spot-On

As every minion knows, a banana is the ultimate sidekick.

8. When She Found A Face She Couldn't Really Make...

She's been known to flash some silly gems for the cameras, but whoever assembled this poster took things a little bit too far.

9. ... But She Tried, Anyway

The youths are impressionable. It was amazing how much the actress who played Young Margo, Hannah Alligood, resembled her older costar, and it's even more evident when they're channeling the same cross-eyed stare.

10. When She Proved Supermodels Love Chocolate, Too

A gif for the ages. Starts out sultry and quickly turns Cookie Monster.

11. When She Did A Two-In-One

Supermodel, indeed.

12. But Sometimes, She Just Can't

Haven't we all felt that way at one point?

Her sincere and genuine performance in Paper Towns belies the character that she really is. Her public persona doesn't have the smooth exterior sometimes expected of celebrities, but she seems so much more fun because of it. She's not a perfect person, and that makes her the perfect Margo.

Images: caradelevingne/Instagram (6); Giphy (6)