5 Tutorials To Master The Perfect Graphic Eyeliner

Tired of your usual cat eye? Perhaps it's time to enhance your look. Graphic eyeliner is the perfect way to switch up a typical routine while not going too far out of your comfort zone. With a little patience and the right eye pencil, your eyes will get a complete makeover in no time.

From simple, clean lines to bright colors, this trend knows no boundaries. As someone who is completely intimidated when it comes to changing up my beauty routine, this look is simple enough for even the most makeup challenged out there to master. Because there are so many different ways to experiment with the look, it's up to you to decide how bold you'll go with the tools that you already have in your bag.

It all starts with a classic winged eye. From there, use your brush to make different lines and shapes that fit your personality. One day you can stick to minimalist chic and the next you're a bright and bold beauty! The possibilities are endless. And thankfully there are incredible tutorials out there that make it easy to try something new. Three cheers to the talented ladies who share their beauty secrets with the rest of us!

1. Basic Black

This is my all-time favorite graphic eyeliner lesson. Lauren Curtis walks you through everything from the winged eye to adding a few more lines. She's patient and takes it back to basics for clean and masterful makeup.

2. Lengthened Lashes

Makeup artist Liz Beckett gives a quick and easy tutorial to show how to achieve a mod-inspired eye. In just over two minutes you'll be inspired to try out the awesome day-to-night lengthened lashes.

3. Simple Structure

To kick it up a notch, beauty blogger Chelsey Stacey adds a second line hugging the eye. This was filmed on her first attempt at graphic eyeliner, so she gives great tips and tricks for beginners.

4. Bright And Bold

For those of you looking to go a little more bold, try out Shaaanxo's tutorial. She shows how to master colorful liner for a new and exciting take on the trend, and even extends the tutorials to show how she does the rest of her makeup.

5. Multi-Color Madness

What starts out as intimidating slowly turns into something simple with BeautyClaudette's step by step guide. From how to fit the lines to your eye to mixing your own colors, this blogger shares it all.

Straight off the runway to everyday life, this is one makeup trend that can easily be recreated.

Image: BeautyClaudette/YouTube