The Saddest 'Harry Potter' Fan Video To Date

I didn't wake up this morning with the specific intentions to help destroy the entire internet emotionally, but hey. Here we are. And here is this video of Harry Potter deaths set to Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" to finish off whatever prayer you had of functioning like a human today. 19-year-old YouTube user theredsoxfan18 has used their editing magic, excellent taste in music, and complete and utter disregard for the wellbeing of our species to create this fan vid to end all Harry Potter fanvids. Welcome to Sadness City, population ALL OF US.

I'm not going to lie, guys, I did not watch this full thing at once. It would be the emotional equivalent of trying to shove an entire giant jawbreaker into my mouth. I did watch it piece by piece and maneuver myself in different places in the office so nobody would realize I was crying over a fictional CGI house elf for the hundredth time in my life. By the end of this you're going to want to run down to a drugstore, grab a lighter, and burn your sad Potterhead flame above your head until your arms fall off from sadness. Brace yourselves for all the despair you felt reading the seventh book, condensed into a quick, emotionally crippling two minute video:

Welp. That was, uh. Excuse me, guys, I have to go call my mom. And talk to some ice cream. And maybe read some fan fiction from 2007. IT'S GOING TO BE AWHILE, OK?!

If you need to recover, might I suggest another classic—this Harry Potter as a teen movie trailer?

Or you could just go full-on darkness and despair with the "If Harry Potter were R-rated" video, you do do:

Now your emotions are a big bag of beautiful nonsense! That oughta do the trick.

Images: Warner Bros Pictures; Giphy