If 'Harry Potter' Were A Teen Comedy

I don't mean to point fingers here or anything, guys, but Voldemort was suuuuch a buzzkill. How can anyone get butterbeer turnt when they're constantly worrying about the Dark Lord blowing everyone they know and love into cosmic oblivion? Total mood damper, amirite? We put up with him because he was necessary for the whole boy-who-lived arc that defined the series, but the truth is, we didn't really need him. If you don't believe me, just take a look at this trailer that reimagines Harry Potter as a teen comedy.

The absolute glory of this video is that it isn't even a parody. Someone painstakingly went through and plucked out every heartfelt, angsty, and adorable moment that had nothing to do with vengeful dark wizards, and it turns out that those moments add up to just enough to make a trailer. Slap on some groovy tunes that drive them teen folk wild, and you've basically got Paper Towns , except with magic and love potions and stuff. It's actually kind of inspired. I would hella watch this, even if it is basically sacrilegious to all humans who worship at the altar of J.K. Rowling.

Here's the trailer of the movie that never was, but maybe should have been:

Now, it's clear from the trailer that we don't need Voldemort anymore. So this is it, guys. It's time to say goodbye. I've decided to hold a mini tribute to his character, because as awful as he was, he didprovide the internet with much needed mockery over the years.

First, hit play for the appropriate tunage to set the mood.

Goodbye, Voldemort.

Yes, we had some bad time. But there were good times, too.

Well, kind of.

But hey, we can't all live forever.

Voldemort: Always mocked. Never forgotten.

May he rest in pieces.

Images: Warner Bros; Giphy(5)