Madewell City Collabortation Makes Food Into Art

by Kali Borovic

Quirky t-shirts are all the rage these days, and even bona fide fashionistas are rocking them. Madewell and DEERDANA's city tees are the perfect way to combine comfort and style in one on-point, blogger-worthy look. Their adorable collaboration features tees with food-themed smiley faces based on some of the world's coolest cities (and biggest fashion capitals). These certainly make the case for why graphic tees should be here to stay — as if you needed more convincing.

It's not easy to put a face on the most iconic cities in the world, but doing it with food makes the challenge a heck of a lot easier. Designers Dana Veraldi and Kevin Tekinel combine food, fashion, and art to make for some cool designs definitely worth indulging in. The collection features food based faces of New York, Tokyo, and Paris, illustrating the best (and tastiest) parts of each of the cities.

The Paris shirt's facial features are made up of different breads and cheeses, while Japan features sushi, and the New York one is a mix of salty and sweet with donuts for eyes, pizza for a nose, and a hotdog for a mouth. Each tee is sold for $60. Check them all out below!

New York

Hungry yet? The tee doesn't have the most nutritious of spreads, but it certainly is as delicious as it is fashionable.

The Hill-Side Madewell Deer Dana New York Tee, $60


The tiny croissant for a mouth and cheesy eyes make me melt. Who can resist carbs, even in t-shirt form?

The Hill-Side Madewell Deer Dana Paris Tee, $60


A face full of sushi never looked so trendy. Now you can show your love for raw fish on a shirt.

The Hill-Side Madewell Deer Dana Tokyo Tee, $60

Images: Madewell(4)