Is The Shelli & Clay 'BB17' Showmance Over?

Unlike Austin and Liz, whose showmance is actually a heart-breaking nomance, Shelli and Clay were in a showmance from the start of Big Brother 17 . Beside the fact that they look like Barbie and Ken, they connected on a game level and on a personal level as they seemed to develop real feelings for each other. Despite still not hooking up or even kissing for the first few weeks of their showmance, Clay and Shelli seemed to be in it for the long haul. Or at least they were until Shelli and Clay had a fight. Does this mean Shelli and Clay's showmance will end?

The combination of slop, uncomfortable sleep, and a tough weekend for their alliance seemed to have Shelli on edge. When Clay came into the bathroom around 3 a.m. and tried to talk game with her during her primping time, she snapped at him. The fight lasted maaaaybe three minutes, but Clay seemed amused the whole time, which I'm sure didn't help anything. Plus, Clay should know by now how much Shelli hates being on camera without makeup on. This is the same woman who will go through the trouble of putting makeup on immediately after washing her face if she's called to the Diary Room. C'mon, Clay, it's just basic etiquette to keep track of your lady's quirks and pet peeves.

Now, Clay and Shelli's fight has us wondering what it might mean for the game if their showmance ended. Sure, they're seen as a power couple, but are they stronger together or apart? Clay's strategy so far has basically been to have Shelli do the dirty work for them. But, he just won his first competition of the season, and it was to save himself from being evicted this week in the Battle of the Block competition. And, likable as he is, I just don't think people would keep Clay around for much longer if he was suddenly split from Shelli. Especially if he continues to win competitions.

A lot of people think Clay is the mastermind behind Shelli's gameplay, but that's giving Clay way too much credit. Sure, she's super into him, and sure, both of the people who have been evicted during her HoH reign — Da'Vonne and Audrey — were Clay's top picks to go home, but they were also strong competitors in the game. It was super smart for her to have them evicted, even if Shelli cried over it the whole time. Unless Clay starts pulling his weight, I don't think the showmance is making much of a difference in Shelli's game. Right now, the only competition she'd have in the final two is Vanessa.

They say to expect the unexpected, but I doubt this scenario is gonna happen. Despite this little hiccup, Clay and Shelli are probably going to keep going strong. As sad as it might be for all the Clay worshippers (Claymates, if you will), their fight might actually give more fuel and credibility to the idea that Shelli and Clay are the new Jeff and Jordan and they're here to stay. If they can overcome that, they're going to be stronger than ever.

Image: Screengrab/CBS