What Has R. Prophet Been Up To Since 'Catfish'?

It was the classic Catfish episode, with a twist when Nev and Max helped R. Prophet track down Trinity, the woman he's been talking to for months. R. Prophet's Catfish episode had all the red flags: a rapper, a model, no FaceTiming or Skyping... a lot of things that clearly didn't equal the girl from the photos. So what has R. Prophet been doing after Catfish ? Is he still friends with Crystal — the woman he was really talking to? The two seemed to be friends still when Nev and Max caught up with them at the end of the episode.

R. Prophet, the first rapper to ever be on Catfish who wasn't lying about his identity, just recently joined social media to reconnect with fans (basically, his "team" is telling him he needs to be on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay relevant). That's how he met Trinity (aka Crystal) who he quickly started an online relationship/friendship with. The two connected on a personal level, as well as Trinity helping R. Prophet with his Go Fund Me raising money against police brutality.

The update on R. Prophet and Crystal at the end of the episode with Nev and Max seemed like it was going in the right direction. But what are these two up to now?

He's Been Creating Music

R. Prophet's single, which he mentioned on the show, has yet to drop, but here is the track he was throwing down on the show.

He Hasn't Given Up On Love

It doesn't seem like R. Prophet is seeing anyone, but at least he's still keeping it positive when it comes to love.

He Has Ladies Lining Up

It seems like multiple women are wondering where R. Prophet has been their whole lives. He's right here, ladies. Hit him up (but don't Catfish him).

He Has Been Continuing His Go Fund Me

You can still donate to R. Prophet's Go Fund Me to stop police brutality.

Crystal Has Regrets

According to an interview with Crystal at the watch party for the Catfish episode (R. Prophet was there, too!), Crystal says if she has any regrets, it's that she should "have been honest from the beginning and let him know that's not who [she] really was, although it turned out better than most."

So while these two aren't romantically involved, it seems like they didn't end on the worst terms, which is a basically a first for the show. Here's hoping they can really make a change with R. Prophet's Go Fund Me, together.

Images: MTV