Ashlee's Crop Top Wedding Dress Was Perfect

It was all kinds of heartbreaking when Ashlee Simpson got married last year and we got zero photos of her gown. But sometimes, a little patience is all you need because Evan Ross just shared photos of Ashlee Simpson's crop top wedding dress on social media, and it was even more breathtakingly bohemian than I could have imagined. This one was definitely worth the wait.

In keeping with the under-the-radar celebrity wedding theme (think: Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds and Mila Kunis/Ashton Kutcher), Simpson and Ross kept their August nuptials under wraps, but in honor of their upcoming one year anniversary, Evan posted several photos to Instagram, and even though their totally adorable and romantic, I'm just fixated on that dress.

Ashlee wore a two-piece, crop top wedding dress (yes — you heard that right — a crop top wedding dress), and it's seriously brilliant. I mean, I always knew she would go unconventional, but this definitely exceeded my expectations. The separates, both completely lace, featured a long sleeved, see-through top and a flowing skirt. With her hair in loose, undone waves and a veil delicately pinned to the back, it's basically all the boho wedding inspiration you need.

And creds to Ashlee for making the free-spirited theme still feel elegant and classy.

That shot should be an editorial. Just saying.

There's not much more romantic than lace.

...except maybe an adorable, newlywed kiss.

Images: Getty Images; realevanross/Instagram