What Is One Direction's "Never Enough" About?

In the 24 glorious hours since One Direction's "Never Enough" leaked, fans have understandably been obsessing. It's our first peek into the band's sound in a post-Zayn Malik reality, so naturally freaking out is legitimate. But what is One Direction's "Never Enough" about?

The brief clip that landed on YouTube is unfortunately poor quality. Not all of the lyrics can be comprehended, — although, if you listen closely, you can hear an alleged Liam Payne falsetto. One thing that is pretty clear are the following lines: “I don’t need my love / You can take it / You can take it / I don’t need my heart / You can wreck it / You can break it.”

Sonically, it seems like a natural evolution from the upbeat, rock-influenced sounds of Four. There's a definite moment of harmonization, which should remind even the most cynical of Directioners about the band's days on The X Factor.

"Never Enough" can also be looked at in the context of the upcoming album. As Harry Styles told Entertainment Weekly , "[The album] carries a slightly new identity, but I think it’s an obvious change from [Four] in a positive way. We’ve branched out and worked with different writers, and we’ve got some great songs!"

While fans will likely have to wait at least another month before getting word on a new single, here are some theories on what "Never Enough" could be about:

One Direction's Fans

Could this be a nod to the Directioners, in the vein of "Steal My Girl"?

Any Of The Boys' Relationships

If we want to go the easy route, we can pin it on any of the men who've dealt with romantic woes.

Niall Horan's Love For Nando's

It's well-documented that Horan loves Nando's... so it's about time they wrote a song about it, right?

The Haters

Haters gonna hate. One Direction gonna write songs about not needing the naysayers' love.

Zayn Malik

Again, another obvious, er, direction. While this is always a possibility, I'm going to assume 1D are too classy to shade Malik.

Those Puppies They Posed With For Wonderland

It takes a lifetime to recover from this kind of love.

Ed Sheeran

Here me out on this one. While 1D's relationship with Sheeran stays strictly under the "bromance" category, the singer's ability to pen heart-wrenching lyrics is undeniable. I pretty much give him my heart every time I hear "Little Things."

No matter what "Never Enough" is about, I can't wait to hear the official, full-length version of the song when it (hopefully!) appears on the band's upcoming fifth album!

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