Ramona & Sonja Hunt For Men On 'RHONY'

Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City proved to be very educational. First, we learned some one-night stand etiquette from Sonja Morgan. Then, we learned that Ramona Singer "has a bounty on her vagina," Bethenny Frankel is her madam, and she won't date bartenders. This all went down at Bethenny's Skinnygirl cocktail party where Ramona and Sonja both hoped to pick up some men, but it unfortunately didn't work out for them.

Can I just say that Bethenny sure knows how to throw a party? Scratch that. Let me rephrase. She knows how to throw a party perfectly-tailored to the needs of Ramona and Sonja, i.e. go home with a hot guy, or so I thought. Bethenny had two gorgeous men deliver Ramona and Sonja's invitations to the event with red roses. She also invited tons of hot, single guys to entertain anyone who needed it at this party dubbed "Boy Meets Skinnygirl."

We all know Ramona is hard to please, but her behavior at Bethenny's party was donwright ridiculous. Everything was wrong at the party. The men were too young, there weren't enough good-looking single guys around, and when someone attractive did show up, it was the bartender, and Ramona doesn't date bartenders. She said this to the guy's face, by the way, and I don't think I've ever seen someone's dreams shatter as quickly and dramatically as this man's. You'll get to hook-up with a Housewife one of these days, dude. Keep the dream alive!

Bethenny just couldn't win with Ramona. Amid her disappointment in the offerings at Bethenny's party, Ramona decided to high-tail it out of there early. She didn't even stick around to say hello to Sonja. You know Ramona is really not feeling something when that happens.

When Sonja did eventually enter the room, it was a complete 180 from the dark cloud Ramona cast upon the party. Sonja immediately started flirting and dancing with what she perceived as a bounty of hot men. She got so carried away that she even broke a tooth ripping off the shirt of one of her suitors, as one does. But don't worry. Sonja has a veterinarian or someone like that who can who can fix her smile.

That moment caused Bethenny to literally dropped to the floor in laughter and even expose a breast or two on the way up. No matter how many times Bravo showed this ridiculousness, it always made me laugh, and watching the moment in full was definitely worth the hype.

It's unclear if Sonja actually snagged a man that night, but she seemed to have a fabulous time and bring so much joy to Bethenny and the other partygoers, I'd say all of that is what really matters.

Imagez: Heidi Gutman/Bravo; Giphy (2)