7 Reasons To Dye Your Hair Strawberry Bronde If Ashley Tisdale's New Color Isn't Reason Enough

Hello beauty lovers and pop culture aficionados, big news just in: Ashely Tisdale dyed her hair strawberry bronde and it is everything. At this point, the influx of beauty bravery and colored-hair-don’t-care attitudes may have some of us feeling all “another day, another celebrity hair color,” but I promise you, the former High School Musical star’s mane is anything but blasé. Tisdale’s new dye job is as unique as the new shade name she and her colorist coined. Sharpay Evans would totally approve.

Don’t get me wrong: I am just as obsessed with the bright blue hairdo du jour as the rest of the free world and have the overly turquoised Pinterest board to prove it. I was also, for a moment, sucked into the magical unicorn of a hairstyle that is colombre until I was faced with the sad reality that my version of adulthood did not allow for rainbow bright hair, ombre or otherwise. However, the time for something new was quickly approaching anyway, am I right? Enter strawberry bronde.

Just a couple weeks ago, Blake Lively dyed her golden locks bronde, mixing in some brown hues with her normally beachy blonde, giving new meaning to the phrase #HairGoals. It was/is perfection. Tisdale took her hair color a step further, not only adding a bit of brunette to her blonde waves, but also a hint of red, giving her tresses an all-over berry glow that is basically the definition of hair envy. Seriously, her locks are essentially glowing.

Are you all in on strawberry bronde yet? Have you called your hairstylist to make an emergency appointment? Hit me up and we can go together and then bask in our sweet and sultry trendy hair glory. If you still need a little more inspiration, here are seven reasons to try out strawberry bronde hair.

1. It Is The Perfect Complement To A Red Lip

A bold ruby lip won't be going out of style anytime soon and this new hair color, with hints of red, is the perfect complement to that pretty pout. Bonus: A matte rouge with deep berry undertones even seems to bring out the strawberry in that bronde combo.

2. It Pairs Flawlessly With Your Poppy Delevigne Inspired Crown

Let's face it: Many of us have been on the hunt for a Poppy Delevigne style crown since she wore that glitzy golden headband to the Paper Towns premiere. Golden berry locks are a flawless backdrop for the hair flair that I, for one, have been dying to have.

3. It Is The Most Practical Pop Of Color

Listen, adulthood can be hard and when it comes down to it, we just can't all have bright blue hair, no matter how man Instagrams we double tap or hair inspo pictures we pin. Strawberry bronde is breathing life into the everyday hair color game. It is sultry, fun, and a little funky, yet still completely appropriate for those of us with a dress code to answer to.

4. It Is Seasonless

Rules of "hair colors for the season" are quite loose these days, but color loyalists and seasonal sticklers still tend to go a little lighter with their locks in the spring and summer, while taking it darker in the fall and winter. The best part about strawberry bronde? It is all of these things: Just light enough to be warm and bright and just dark enough to have depth and sultry sass. Say hello to the new transitional hair hue!

5. It Is Brightens Up That Normcore Wardrobe

If you are going to go off-duty Gigi Hadid this fall and live that normcore life (yes, it's definitely back!) you'll need at least one pop of color, right? I vote for letting the one non-neutral tone you sport be your hair in a lovely golden red.

6. It Is Reminiscent Of A Care Bear

On the scale of magical, mythical bears, strawberry bronde lands somewhere between Tenderheart Bear and Cheer Bear. How can that be bad? Also, the Care Bears are so '90s, and that is a decade that is definitely having a fashion moment.

7. It Is The Traditional Hair Color Trifecta

Whether your natural hair color is blonde, brown, red, or any version thereof, strawberry bronde is not too much of a stretch form your norm. Since the color of the moment combines three of the most common natural colors, it is an easy way for most of us to dip a toe in the pop color hair water.

Yes, people. It's time for strawberry-bronde-hair-don't-care vibes. I must run, though. Time to see how quickly I can get an appointment at the salon.

Images: ashleytisdale/Instagram; Care Bear Wiki