7 Disney Princess Temporary Tattoos So You Can Be The Fairest Of Them All

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Do you dream of having a fairytale tattoo themed around your favorite Disney princess but you're not too big on the whole ink commitment thing? Well, now you can have your cake and eat it too with Disney princess tattoos that are temporary. Our dreams have come true!

It's a tale as old as time: Person gets a tattoo on a spontaneous whim and later in life comes to regret it. Of course, I'm not saying everyone feels like this, but I do know people who wished they'd given their tattoos a little more consideration. Temporary tattoos are just perfect for the ink indecisive or for those who are hoping that someday their ink design will come to them like a lightening bolt of inspiration.

Until you reach your happy ending, why not experiment with Disney princess themed temporary tattoos, so when the time is right, you will know what kind of design you wish to have on your body forever?

The beauty of it all is that you can be a part of that Disney Princess world without having to commit to a specific design just yet. There are no needles required and if anyone asks about the origins of your new ink, just blame it on your fairy godmother.

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