'GG's Michel Hates Mondays Just As Much As You Do

It doesn't really matter if you love your job or hate your job — Monday always is and will forever be the absolute worst day of the week. Just the mere thought of having to get through five full days of work until the sweet release of the weekend is enough to send anyone reaching for that third (OK, fine, fifth!) cup of coffee — even someone as calorie conscious as Gilmore Girls ' very own Michel Gerard, played by Yanic Truesdale. For seven wonderful seasons, Lorelai's French colleague played a relatively small, but pivotal part, within this iconic Stars Hollow ensemble. When he wasn't busy mocking customers, he was fawning over his adorable pups, Paw-Paw and Chin-Chin. (And let's not forget his undying love for Celine Dion.) But above all, Michel embodied what it meant to have a case of the Mondays.

Basically, Michel was an all-around super relatable guy, who was downright hilarious even when he didn't necessarily mean to be. (His epic zingers truly were a thing of beauty.) Truth be told, the show just wouldn't have been the same without him and whether you realize it or not, you may have more in common with this character than you originally thought, especially when it comes to loathing a certain pesky day of the week. So without further adieu, here is every time Michel put your dreaded Monday morning woes into words.

1. When Your Alarm Goes Off & You Want To Die

No matter how many times you hit that snooze button, you can't dodge the early morning wake-up call forever. (Believe me, I've tried.)

2. When A Starbucks Employee Accidentally Gives You Decaf

Are you trying to kill me here? Because without caffeine I'm simply not going to make it through the day. This is just a fact.

3. When The Subway Is Packed With Fellow Commuters

Too. Many. People. Send. Help. Now.

4. When You Encounter Morning People At Work

No one should ever be that perky so early in the morning. And especially on a Monday.

5. When Your Boss Calls On You During An Early Morning Meeting

Now or ever, really.

6. When You Realize It's Not Even Noon Yet

The end of the day has never seemed so far away.

7. When Your Patience With Coworkers Reaches Critical Mass

Deep breaths, everyone. Deep breaths.

8. When An Intern Addresses You As Ma'am

Hi. Just sitting over here. Feeling ancient.

9. When You Think About How You're Going To Have To Repeat This Torturous Process All Over Again For Four More Days

Ugh. Is it the weekend yet?

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