Why Do The 'BB' Houseguests Trust Clay & Shelli?

As a devoted Big Brother fan, I generally find myself pretty consistent with the houseguests I like and dislike — that is, except for Shelli and Clay. I find myself wavering in my support of them and if you've read my other articles on this duo, you can see how I go back and forth. Shelli and Clay are, at times, super genuine and then, next thing you know, they're plotting something incredibly shady. I can't help wondering why everyone trusts Shelli and Clay in the Big Brother house despite their obvious threat levels.

Half of my job as a pop culture analyst is to speculate about important issues like this one. Luckily for you, I have taken it upon myself to address this perplexing question and suss out a number of possibilities as to why the rest of the Big Brother house has been lured into such a state of trust with Shelli and Clay.

I can't offer you any definitive answers (for that, you'll just have to continue devoting hours on end to stalking the Big Brother feed highlights and watching the 75 episodes of Big Brother that air each week). I can, however, provide you with my best guesses as to why the rest of the houseguests are being so foolish in trusting the O.G. BB 17 showmance couple. Join me as I speculate.

They Are Blinded By Their Pristine Pearly Whites

Every time that a houseguest begins to question Shelli and Clay's loyalty, they go straight to the source to talk it out. However, in the first instant of communication, Shelli or Clay (or, god forbid, both) flash their 4-out-of-5 dentist approved smile and their opponents are temporarily blinded by the sheer perfection, forgetting their train of thought completely. Just imagine a real life Chip Skylark of The Fairly OddParents in couple form.

The Other Houseguests Have Lured Them Into a False Sense of Security

Perhaps the whole thing is an elaborate ruse and the whole house is going to flip on Clay and Shelli once they get Austin and the twins out of the house. That would be the ultimate betrayal (and make for excellent television).

Nice Guys (and Gals) Really Don't Finish Last

Clay and Shelli have done a great job of keeping an amicable relationship with most of the other houseguests. Though Clay might rub his buff shoulders with other contestants occasionally, Shelli has maintained good relationships with almost everyone in the house. Perhaps their nice strategy really has made it hard for people to target them.

The Other Houseguests Are Worried About Taking Down Bigger Targets First

Yes, Clay and Shelli pose a threat. But at least Clay and Shelli have maintained a modicum of respectability and loyalty in the house. Austin is a manic wildcard who manipulates and schemes for his own gain and can't be trusted. Liz and Julia are an alliance that will forever be unbroken and their association with Austin renders them a bigger target. Then we still have Steve, James, and Jason, who are all strong players, to worry about. Then Shelli and Clay can be the focus.

Clay's Not Winning Comps & Shelli Hasn't Pissed Anyone Off Yet

Shelli has done well in the game so far but she hasn't really pissed anybody off. Clay, meanwhile, seems to suck at comps (although that may be an act). Taking those two things into consideration, I can see why the houseguests might have bigger fish to fry and aren't too worried about them taking the prize.

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