Shelli & Clay Vs. 8 Other 'BB' Showmances

This season of Big Brother has given us a surprising lack of showmances so far, meaning that we romantic fans only have one outlet for our 'shipping dreams: Shelli and Clay. Though many seem disgruntled at Clay's ability to control Shelli's game play and/or dislike Clay in general, I am holding out for these two if for no other reason than that they are so darn attractive. Seriously, talk about some good genes in that showmance. But the real question is, how do Shelli and Clay compare to previous Big Brother showmances?

While there are quite a few too many showmances to discuss them all, I've decided to see how Clay and Shelli stack up against the strongest showmances in BB history as a Big Brother barometer for how long their relationship — if you can even call it that — will last. The showmance started as a strategical maneuver, masterminded by Will in Big Brother 2, and since then, it has evolved into something that, at times, produces actual long-lasting relationships.

Whether you're looking for romance or just a way to get ahead in the game, a showmance can be the way to get there. But one must tread with caution when entering showmance territory as a poorly-conducted showmance can put a target on your back from very early on. Shelli and Clay's showmance is on the brink of putting them in jeopardy and they might need to take notes from these 8 former Big Brother showmances to learn what to do and what not to do moving forward.

Jordan and Jeff, BB 11

Jordan and Jeff were quite the dynamic duo. Sparks flew immediately between these two and clearly the showmance angle worked for them, as Jordan won Season 11 and Jeff was voted favorite houseguest. They were later invited back to appear on Big Brother 13 and also appeared on The Amazing Race. They proved that their showmance could withstand the test of time (and reality TV) after Jeff proposed to Jordan on Big Brother 16. Clay and Shelli have some serious ground to cover if they expect to show up this savvy couple.

Hayden and Nicole, BB 16

Hayden and Nicole (or Haycole, as they are known by their sappier supporters) were the sweethearts of Big Brother 16 and their relationship, according to social media, is still going strong. Hayden and Nicole aren't quite as hardcore as some of the other showmances in BB history (like the ones who got engaged in the house and later broke up because, you know, their relationship had never been put to the test in real life before). I think that if Clay and Shelli's relationship will last, it will probably suit them best to take after Hayden and Nicole, move slowly, and take things one step at a time.

Will and Janelle, BB 7

Dr. Will was an O.G. showmancer and his showmane with Janelle put the 'show' in showmance. While they kept it platonic, as both parties had significant others outside the house, their showmance was fun to watch (and it was effective as well). Though Janelle ultimately caused Will to be voted off, their showmance was a beautiful thing while it lasted and future BB showmancers could learn quite a bit from their strategy.

Brendon and Rachel, BB 12

Brendon and Rachel, who are also known by their hilarious couple name, Brenchel, had a solid showmance on BB 12, came back to coach together on BB 13, and later wed in 2012. They remain one of the few couples whose Big Brother showmance blossomed into a lasting marriage offscreen. Good luck topping this power couple, Clay and Shelli.

Dominic and Daniele, BB 13

Though Dominic was not a part of Daniele's first showmance, her showmance with Dominic was the one that stuck on Big Brother 13. After their run on Big Brother, this lovely couple wed in 2013 and are still going strong.

McCrae and Amanda, BB 15

McCrae and Amanda's showmance was all the talk on Season 15 of Big Brother but, sadly, the couple split in 2014 dramatically when McCrae admitted that the showmance was based more off of his desire to get ahead in the game than it was about his feelings for Amanda (ouch). He also admitted that he still had feelings for a girl back home and that he never should have entered into the relationship without being fully emotionally available. Talk about an awkward (and public) way to end your showmance. Shelli and Clay, please don't do what Amanda and McCrae did.

Will and Shannon, BB 2

Will remains one of the most masterful Big Brother players to date and thus his showmance with Shannon on Big Brother 2 was flawlessly executed. Equal parts flirty, lighthearted, and loyal, Will and Shannon were one of the earliest showmance couples and Clay and Shelli could learn a thing or two from them.

Mike 'Boogie' and Krista, BB 2

In stark contrast to Will and Shannon, 'Boogie' and Krista showed all the wrong ways to go about having a showmance. Their showmance was so obviously staged that it was nauseating and incredibly awkward to watch, culminating in Mike's cringe-worthy proposal on air (a proposal that obviously never came to fruition). This is one couple that Clay and Shelli surpass with the quality of their showmance.

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