Michelle Williams Is Dating Your Favorite Author

When a couple are brought together by books, it’s generally a match made in heaven, so here’s hoping it’s Happily-Ever-After for Michelle Williams and Jonathan Safran Foer, who are dating. The Brooklynites met through mutual friends, and instantly bonded over their love for books. Safran Foer does the writing, and Michelle Williams does a lot of reading: she told Nylon that she has “walls in [her] apartment made of books.”

Both Williams and Safran Foer have children from previous relationships, who I bet will just love snuggling up for bedtime stories with their famous parents. This is sounding like a fairytale already; even Safran Foer couldn’t write anything quite this good (and he’s written some pretty adorable stuff about fathers in the past).

It’s easy to understand why literature-obsessed Michelle Williams would fall for such an acclaimed author, but it looks like Safran Foer may also have been secretly admiring her in return. In his bestselling Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close , he equates Marilyn Monroe with one word: sex. Michelle Williams went on to play Monroe in the fantastic My Week with Marilyn, so it’s no surprise that Safran Foer was rather taken with the whimsical blonde beauty. Then he learned she was a bookworm like him, and the rest is history.

Michelle Williams once said that her love for books was “consuming” and “isolating.” Now she’s paired up with the like-minded Jonathan Safran Foer, I bet she won’t feel so lonely anymore. In fact, I’m getting book envy just thinking about their bookshelves.