11 Struggles Of Being A 'PLL' Fan

I'm not sure that there has ever been a show I am as loyally devoted to as I am to Pretty Little Liars. What can I say? The show has me hooked, and I am certainly not alone in my devotion: As Bustle's own Tanya Ghahremani pointed out, Pretty Little Liars is one of the most tweeted-about shows currently on air. Of course, that's not at all surprising: it's impossible to be just a casual fan of this series. Fans know just how easy it is to get sucked into Rosewood's many mysteries and its residents' constant lies and deceit — and that's not even considering the characters that have become our television best friends and enemies after six seasons. Fans may have different theories about A's identity, but when it comes down to it, we're all connected by our shared obsession for this incredibly addictive show.

One nice thing about sharing a show obsession with millions of fans? You can completely relate to one another's TV show struggles. If you've ever stared at your ceiling for hours trying to figure out the real identity of Charles DiLaurentis, or if you have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Caleb at various hair stages, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. PLL fans totally get it — and you're definitely not alone.

Here are TK struggles of being an ultimate Pretty Little Liars fan, because the struggle is real and totally worth it:

1. You Have Such Cognitive Dissonance When It Comes To Mona

She was the Original A and she made the liars' lives completely miserable — so why is it that she's also kind of the best?

2. You Sometimes Secretly Ship Not Endgame Couples... Even If You Know It's Wrong

Haleb may be your OTP — but when Caleb was busy doing the whole Ravenswood thing, you were secretly swooning over Travis.

3. Your Pretty Little Liars Crush Could Be Charles DiLaurentis

Look, we're running out of options here. If Charles really is a 25-year-old guy whom we've met before, who else could it even be if not Wren? Guess everyone's collective fantasy about marrying Wren and living in a castle in London is dead now.

4. You're Not Sure If You Love Or Hate Aria's Style

For every cute printed dress she owns, she also owns two tarantula necklaces. Why, Aria? Why?

5. You Cannot Even With The Random A Suspects Sometimes

Thanks for joining the party, Lesli, but... why are you here, again? STOP DISTRACTING US.

6. You Still Can't Figure Out Lucas

He has a huge "nice guy complex" and has exhibited some incredibly shady behavior. Plus, Charles DiLaurentis is an anagram for "Nerd Lucas Is The Liar." Is it a coincidence? You have no idea, and I don't, either.

7. How Many People Wore That Yellow Top Is A Math Equation You Still Can't Solve

Bethany, Alison, Cece — did no one think to wear another color on that night?

8. You Can Never Remember What Murders Are Solved

Did we all stop looking for Garrett's killer?

9. You're Very Confused About The Status Of Spencer And Toby's Relationship

Didn't Spencer date, like, six other guys while she was still with Toby?

10. You Can Never Keep Track Of What Happened When On "That Night"

You're considering drawing out a timeline. (Or, you know, you already have.)

11. You Have Nail-Biting Anxiety Before Every Episode

Every episode asks more questions...

... and, of course, you love every minute of it like the PLL fan you are.

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