'BB17's Austin Will Totally Go Home Next Week

This season of Big Brother has been a wild ride, and not just thanks to all of the showmance action — it's also been deeply unpredictable. However, at this point, its unpredictability is actually becoming predictability — so much so that it's almost easy to figure out who's going to go next. If the order in which Big Brother houseguests have gone home so far this season is any indication, I’m putting all of my money on the fact that Big Brother 17's Austin will totally be evicted next week, no matter what.

Why, you ask? Well, let’s look at how things have been going so far this season. The eviction trend has been going a little something like this: one player plays really well and super strong for a couple of weeks. Then, they make a slightly shady move that gets everyone in the house — especially the houseguests in their alliance — starting to think that maybe said contestant is playing a little too hard and a little too selfishly. Everyone’s strategy radars go NUTS, there are lots of secret meetings and late night whispers about what the heck that housemate is doing, and then, just when you think they’re going to be evicted, they’re not. They’re kept around for the sake of numbers or alliances or because someone doesn’t want the responsibility of putting such a big player up on the block. It happened with Audrey... and now, it is totally happening with Austin.

So, if the houseguests keep following the eviction trends that have been set this season, Austin is definitely the next one to go. After all of the suspicion and game play and rationalization, the important thing hasn’t changed: Austin is at the top of everyone’s evict list, and he will be for the rest of the season.

Just like Audrey before him, and Da’Vonne before her, that means that he is absolutely the next one to be evicted.

Not to mention the fact that he has, like, no one else’s support in the house. OK, sure, maybe Liz — but even that is probably temporary. Once Liz finds out what Austin said to Jason about getting rid of her twin sister, Julia, you know Austin will be on the top of her list as well. So, you know, Austin doesn’t have nearly enough support in the house to make it through two more evictions. The guy is totally on the outs in the house, which means he’ll totally be out by next week.

Calling it now.

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