Wait. Is Calvin Proposing To Taylor?!

Surprise, surprise. There's another major rumor circulating about Taylor Swift's love life. I know, what a shocker. According to HollywoodLife.com, Life & Style is reporting that Calvin Harris is proposing to Taylor Swift after only four months of dating. The craziness doesn't end there. Apparently, Harris wants to purchase the most expensive and biggest ring he can find, because that's what T. Swift deserves. A source told Life & Style, “Taylor loves chunky rings, so he wants to go big. He’s looking at cushion-cut center stones and is willing to drop at least $500,000!”

Whoa. $500,000? Talk about a big chunk of change for an engagement ring. The magazine also reports that the 31-year-old DJ is shopping for at least a 10 carat Neil Lane diamond ring, because of course he is. Now, I'm sure you're wondering just when and where he's going to pop the question to the 25-year-old, right? No worries, because Life & Style's source answered that, as well.

It remains unclear as to exactly when Harris is going to propose — you know, if the rumor is true. As for the location, well, he reportedly has a couple places selected. “He’s on the fence because Taylor has so many favorite places,” the source said. “He thought of romantic Paris or Italy, but now he’s leaning toward Nashville, where she has one of her homes.”

There you have it. Seeing as this source offered up so many details about the "proposal," it must be true. Not. Plus, let's remember that Swift is no stranger to rumors, especially when it comes to her love life or when she's not showing her belly button. For real, if anyone is susceptible to made up stories, it's the "Bad Blood" singer. So, until I actually see a ring on her finger, this is one rumor I'm not falling for.