7 Ridiculous Taylor Swift Rumors

You would think that extensively documenting your own life on Twitter and Instagram would leave less room for interpretation from the media, but such is sadly not the case for Taylor Swift. The ridiculous rumors about Swift have been extensive and passionate over the years, many of them centering around her love life. This carries on even despite the fact that the pop star has dated a lot famous guys, and befriended a lot of famous people in general, but she has not dated all of them.

Luckily, Swift seems to have a supportive group of fans and friends who don't believe the rumors until Swift confirms them herself. For example, Calvin Harris rumors swirled for a while before most fans believed they were dating, and that was only confirmed by Swift's own Instagram posts. Of course, now there are some wild speculations that the two are moving in together/engaged/married. Oh, well.

Luckily for her own sanity, T. Swift often deals with rumors by addressing them humorously on social media. She doesn't seem to let them get her down. Here are some of the more ridiculous Taylor Swift rumors that have surfaced, many of them coming with a dose of Swift sass.

That she's feuding with Lorde

Taylor Swift promptly shut down the rumors that she and her friend Lorde were fighting.

That she's undatable

Ross Gilmore/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Apparently, someone in Swift's camp told her to stop dating because she's... undateable? This is ridiculous, because she seems smart, talented, funny, sweet, caring, and, as if all of that wasn't enough, she's completely gorgeous.

That she buys houses near the guys she likes

This rumor was accelerated by Swift reportedly buying a house in Cape Cod near the Kennedy mansion, the sometimes home of Swift's ex Conor Kennedy. She shut this ridiculous concept down in Vanity Fair, and she turned the house over for a huge profit.

That she and Karlie Kloss were dating

All this was prompted by a reported kiss at a concert, but Swift and Kloss are just besties.

That she insured her legs for $40 million

Who knows how this ridiculous rumor got started, but Swift shut it down with this hilarious post.

That she doesn't have a belly-button

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Swift is the queen of crop tops, which led some people to wonder why her belly button never showed. It's not that she doesn't have one; it's more that she and her midriff have an open relationship.

That she's dated Eddie Redmayne, Zac Efron, and mannnnnnyyy others

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While Swift has had her fair share of celebrity beaus, more often than not, the rumors are false. Who knows what the gossip train will come up with next?

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