Jessica Vander Leahy Speaks About Project WomanKIND, Shares Heartening Insights About Body Positivity

The fashion world seems to be on an awesome body positive kick these days. Though the industry is far from perfect, model Jessica Vander Leahy spoke about Project WomanKIND, her campaign to raise the self esteem of young women, with The Cut, and offered some heartening insights.

The interview focused on the Australian model's formation of the YouTube series, Project WomanKIND, which has basically gone viral in the best way possible — seriously, just search the trending hashtag, #ProjectWomanKIND, and you'll see what I'm talking about. According to the interview, Vander Leahy decided to get her fellow model friends together to post the series when she noticed the huge amounts of comments and questions on body image began to surface on her social media.

"It made me really think that there's a part of this conversation about body image and how women feel about themselves that is missing," Vander Leahy says to The Cut.

The model, who was involved in every aspect of the series, from directing, modeling, and editing in it, continued to impart words of wisdom in the interview, explaining that the word "kind" in the series is included to show the importance of loving yourself unconditionally.

"Project WomanKIND is about being comfortable and happy with yourself," Vander Leahy said.

Vander Leahy has definitely made a huge impact when it comes to changing the way young women feel about their body. If you want to take one thing away from the model's campaign, it's to recognize the importance of being true — and most importantly confident — with yourself.

Now, check out this fabulously unretouched (no, seriously) photo of Vander Leahy for Project WomanKIND, and bask in her purely confident beauty:

And if you haven't seen the trailer for Project WomanKIND, now is definitely time to change that:

Project WomanKIND on YouTube

Images: Project WomanKIND/YouTube