Miley Cyrus Wears Mermaid Tail On Instagram, And This Should Become A Fall Staple

Forget mermaid locks, celebs are finding new ways to channel their inner Ariel. Miley Cyrus wore a mermaid tail in an Instagram photo Thursday, getting into character by lying out in the backyard with her tail intact. As for a coconut bikini top to complete the sea goddess style, Cyrus opted to instead free the nipple, censoring her girls with drawn-in diamond studs to adhere to Instagram's nudity regulations. Definitely a fish out of water, that one.

At first glance, my first reaction was to roll my eyes. However, a second glance at the blue-and-green sequined fin had me thinking, That’s brilliant.

I can only imagine experiencing the same nostalgia-induced excitement Cyrus expressed in her photo caption, claiming to be the “happiest human in the whole wide world.” Though I’m thinking a certain Disney sea princess would beg to differ. The ocean is always bluer on the other tide, am I right?

Even though the summer months are winding down, I’m thinking this whole mermaid trend has the potential to transition into a fall favorite. Enter the fishtail hemmed skirt. Cyrus may not be sporting a sparkling fin come September, but her attempt at another far-fetched fashion statement just might make a splash this fall.

Save a pair of fins, rock the fishtail skirt. Check out five fishtail hemmed skirts you'll definitely want to incorporate into your fall wardrobe this year.

1. Kenzo Vintage

Embroidered skirt, $295.29,

The auburn color has autumn stitched all over it.

2. MissGuided

Slinky Fishtail Hem Maxi Skirt in Black $50.00,

Black is appropriate in all seasons, and this skirt can easily be dressed up or down.

3. Lane Crawford

Scuba Jersey Fishtail Maxi Skirt, $230.00,

What I adore about this skirt is its blush pink tone. You rarely find that in a maxi skirt, and the best part is pairing it with a variety of colors to offset the matte material.

4. MayKool

Black Polka Dot Fishtail Skirt, $16.99,

Polka dots. Enough said.

5. DHgate

Lace Flower Bodycon Skirt, $37.79,

Mythical creature fashion with a hint of lace. Well played.

Images: mileycyrus/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (5)