'Full House' Gave Us Unrealistic Expectations

When you think of Full House, one thing usually comes to mind, and that's family. Full House's Tanner clan was in such close quarters with their relatives (and the friends who were so close that they might as well be), it's hard not to. But, while they were certainly invested in their family ties, it wasn't just their intense family bonding that kept them busy. The lives of the extended Tanner family were already pretty "full," but that didn't stop them from bringing in new love interests now and again. In fact, plenty of the characters on Full House had relatively active love lives — and they all probably gave you super unrealistic expectations about love.

Love may not have been the focus of this '90s sitcom, but still: It's difficult not to have expectations about it when Uncle Jesse was over in one corner being the best husband ever to Becky and D.J. was being adorable with Steve. For a show about family, this series was actually filled with romantic gestures, grand declarations of love, and super hot guys. (Well, OK, there were a couple of super hot guys. And by a couple of super hot guys, I mean Uncle Jesse. Duh.) Full House totally set us all up for plenty of disappointment later in life, especially when it came to the love department — and for that, I gotta say, I love it even more. High standards are good!

Here are all of the times that Full House totally set us up for high romantic expectations.

1. Your Co-Worker's Relatives Will Never Be This Hot

And if they are, they probably won't say "have mercy" and fall in love with you at first sight.

2. This Love Triangle Is The Work Of Sitcom Fiction

The guy with the private plane versus the guy who looks, acts, and sounds like a rock star? A nice competition, but one that's highly unlikely to go down in real life. Instead, we have Tinder.

3. Your Love Interest Won't Follow You To Disney World

And if they do, it won't be romantic, it'll be creepy, because they probably only found out you were there by stalking your Facebook page.

4. You Won't Be Proposed To With Fireworks

Well, never say never. But, you definitely won't be proposed to via fireworks by Danny Tanner while Jesse and The Rippers play in the background. (If you are, please contact me.)

5. High School Boys Are Never This Eloquent

I have all the feels about Steve's romantic speech.

6. Your Crush Won't Buy You In A Bidding War

Has anyone ever participated in a bachelor auction? Because I'm pretty sure they only exist on television.

7. Your Husband Won't Sing You A Beautiful Cover Of A Beach Boys Song At Your Wedding

But if he wanted to, I plan on requesting "God Only Knows."

Sorry, Full House enthusiasts: these romantic fantasies are the work of '90s sitcom writers. But, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a little lovey-dovey indulgence every so often. If we can all believe that 10 people can fit comfortably in a three bedroom house, I think we can believe anything.

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