'BB17' Just Evicted A Huge Superfan

This Big Brother eviction week is actually really sad, because now the house is going to be super boring. The historian of the season, Jason, has been evicted from the Big Brother 17 house. Let us take a moment of silence, because he is seriously going to be missed. Jason came into this game with a ton of knowledge, but unfortunately, his fate was sealed when he was blindsided by Vanessa, and the BB historian couldn't do much about it.

Siting next to Becky on the block is probably the last situation someone would want to find themselves in, because Becky is a major floater. And, if you have threatened anyone throughout the game, you better believe you're going to be going home next to Becky. Unfortunately, this is the situation Jason found himself in. He basically knew it the second he was nominated at the Veto Ceremony. Becky is a fate-sealing co-nominee, and no matter how much campaigning Jason did, the votes were pretty much locked in the day he was nominated. Especially since Jason wasn't a fan of the reigning alliance: The Sixth Sense.

Jason has been able to see through the Sixth Sense alliance from the very beginning. He may not admit it, but I really think he was still harboring a grudge against Shelli for sending out Da'Vonne, Jason's ride-or-die, Week 2. Since then, the Sixth Sense alliance has been picking off the other side of the house one by one, and Jason's just their latest casualty.

At least he didn't go without a fight, which is admirable, since so many hole up in bed and wait out their name being called by Julie Chen.

Alas, it wasn't enough, which is truly sad. Jason — UNLIKE AN EX-WRESTLER WHO WEARS A BEARD BUN AND SHALL NOT BE NAMED — actually wants to be in the house and win the $500,000. Also, he deserves to win, since he wants to GTFO of his mom's basement and probably say "clean-up on aisle SAYONARA" over the speaker at his grocery store job. He also knows the Big Brother game like no one else in the house, and really could have made it far if he had been given a chance to save himself.

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Images: CBS