Chrissy & John Are "Relationship Goals"

Sometimes it seems like true love is dead in this world of ours, especially in Hollywood. But fear not: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are here to prove me wrong and grow my heart three sizes — and yours, too. The model and singer are both incredibly beautiful and talented people, and together, they're one of the greatest Hollywood love stories since Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Don't believe me? All you have to do is look at Teigen's Instagram or Twitter and you'll be eating your words.

I don't normally stan for celebs or celeb couples, but these two?! They melt my cold, dead heart! Maybe it's because Sports Illustrated model Teigen is the realest girl on the block right now, or because John Legend has those dimples, or because they seem like they are always having a good time, but I hope these two crazy kids make it. Because if they can't, there's no hope for the rest of us. I mean, one listen to John Legend's "All Of Me" will turn you into a blubbering mess, especially knowing that the 36-year-old singer wrote it for his wife. And don't even get me started on the video, which not only stars Teigen, but also features footage from their real wedding. If I didn't love their love so much, I would think they were trying to rub it in all of our faces.

Here are 11 reasons their adorable love is the epitome of #RelationshipGoals:

1. They Chill In Bed All Day

True love is finding someone who will do nothing with you and love it. Over Memorial Day weekend, Teigen thankfully kept all us fans updated on how she and John were celebrating — by doing nothing together and hanging out in bed all day. They didn't even bother to get dressed, but they were joined by their pups and rewarded themselves with a pizza. This is my idea of pure, true love.

2. She Proved His Butt Was Better Than Bieber's

All it takes is a well-placed knee. The caption is the best part.

3. They Had A Heated Discussion About Cornbread

True love means being able to talk to your partner about anything: the fear of death, the art you love, and your thoughts on cornbread. And each conversation is interesting and worthwhile to you, because you love each other so much. And I'm guessing, because they seem like reasonable, smart human beings, that both Legend and Teigen love cornbread almost as much as they love each other.

4. They Support Each Other

Teigen's multi-talented, and her most recent venture is the cookbook that she's putting together based on her website, Delushious. And John Legend gets to benefit from her biz. He gets to eat all the goods, and doesn't mind being photographed and Instagrammed pigging out. And look, more cornbread. Maybe the secret to true love is cornbread.

5. They Share Their Love Of Food

Most of Teigen's Instagrams of Legend are pictures of him looking like an adorable, excited, and incredibly hungry little boy next to some spectacular dish that she's made. He cooks too, though, and even has contributed recipes to her website. Aw!

6. They Had The Greatest Night Ever At The Oscars

As normal as they seem, Teigen and Legend are not Just Like Us. The man is an Oscar winner! The couple had the most fun possible at the 2015 Academy Awards, and not just because of Legend's amazing performance of his song "Glory" with Common, for which they took home the Best Original Song golden statue. Teigen posted a picture of the smiliest John Legend ever, and was so proud and excited the only caption she could come up with was "ecstatic keyboard smash."

7. She Embarrasses Him, But In A Cute Way

If there's one thing Teigen isn't, it's shy. When she was asked about the best public place they've ever done the dirty, Teigen said, "The Obama thing," and immediately, John Legend seemed to go into shock. But he's still smiling. She clarified, though, that it was definitely not at the White House.

8. They Make The Best Of Any Situation

Got locked out? Why not take cute photos?

9. They Like To Experiment

Or should I say, they like science experiments. Apparently they got a candy-making kit that they tried to figure out when they were drunk, because science and alcohol are the perfect match. It seems like they couldn't quite figure out the instructions. Good effort, though!

10. They See Themselves In Each Other

So much so that they got masks of each others' faces. John Legend looks quite nice with long blonde hair.

11. Their Love Can Survive A Shark Attack

A left shark attack, at least.

Keep the love alive, you crazy lovebirds! For my sake!