Where Is Chrissy Teigen's Cookbook? We're Hungry

by Daniela Cabrera

If you check out Chrissy Teigen's Instagram page for the first time, you might expect to find the selfie-ridden account of a Sport Illustrated supermodel, but you'd be sorely mistaken. Tiegen loves to cook and you will be hard pressed to find any photos of herself or her husband, John Legend — unless they are eating something delectable, of course. Her love of cooking and sharing her homemade dishes lead to her launching a personal food website, Delushious (formerly, a blog called So Delushious), and this lead many fans to call for a Chrissy Teigen cooking show or — anything, really. Well, wishes came true last September when it was announced that the model inked an awesome deal to author her very own cookbook! Since then, many salivating people have been left with the question: When will Chrissy Teigen's cookbook be released?!

(Update: Teigen revealed on Twitter on Oct. 15 that the cookbook will now be released in February. Woohoo!)

Just by looking through her Instagram feed, you can tell that the 29-year-old is focusing most of her attention right now on bringing this cookbook baby to life. I must warn you, if you are hungry in any way, do not scroll through these photos. Seriously. Teigen's Instagrams are painful to look at, especially if you are snacking on a sad pile of raw almonds like I am.

I used some of my awesome social media detective skills and can report that, as of right now, her cookbook is scheduled to be released in April 2016. How did I figure this out, you ask? Well, based on her Instagram and some interviews, food writer and recipe developer Adeena Sussman is Teigen's co-author and they're spending a ton of time together as they cook and try recipes all day. Must be a hard life.

I checked out Sussman's Instagram and found our release date answer hidden in a sea of comments:

So, April 2016 is kind of a really long time from now, but I know that Teigen is working long and hard to make sure that only the best and most delicious recipes will make the cut. The best way to satisfy our appetite in the meantime is to keep an eye on her Instagram and follow along with the dishes she is making as they find their way into the pages of her book.

The Lip Sync Battle host has already shared some of the ways she is organizing her recipes, and I have to say that "Shit on Toast" is probably going to be my favorite chapter, because bread with toppings is very important to me.

But what makes me most excited about the book is that Teigen has an obvious love for food and the camaraderie that a home cooked meal can bring. She also isn't afraid to indulge in life's beautiful treasures, like goat cheese and bacon. She assured GrubStreet that her book will be the real deal, saying, "It’s really stuff that we truly love to eat — everything in the book is stuff we have once or twice a month, so it’s tried and true." I can't wait.

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